Bed and Shelf Building

The bed and floor and shelf were built by Dave in a few hours. Wow. Was I impressed.Dave building bed in the truck camper
This is the finished work, with the scraps left over.Finished bed and shelf for the truck camper I have put two sleeping bags and a teddy bear inside and will spend tonight in the truck.
With the weather in the twenties tonight I might wimp out.

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4 Responses to Bed and Shelf Building

  1. Robin says:

    Love that you are building out an ARE shell. I am doing the same thing with a DCU wedge. My build is listed on CheapRVliving (Bob’s site). I noticed you have a sliding rear window. Was your dealer smart enough to have it reversed, so you can open it from the inside of the camper. If not, and you would like this, it is fairly easy to do.

    I have enjoyed reading your process to begin your journey. I love your saved books, I commend your choices. I am subscribing to your blog, so we can share tips. Good luck on your travels, may the wind always be at your back, Robin


  2. Jane says:

    Awwww, your teddy bear got into the final cut ! Gotta have priorities, don’t we ?
    xoxo Jane


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes, the teddy bear is very high on the priority list. His name is Strength and is the perfect pillow. He has traveled all over the world for the last 25 years and has lots of sweet things to whisper in my ear at night.


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