First Practice Night in the Truck Camper

I slept in the truck last night!
The temperature was 21 degrees. I was warm, thanks to a hot water bottle, a down vest, two wool hats, a scarf and two sleeping bags.

Questions that came up:

1. Do I take my dentures out at night? They were uncomfortable all night, but what if someone knocks on the truck at night?

2. Gotta fix a way to pee at night. The plastic 1 quart container worked pretty well, until it came time to put the lid on. It was awkward in the dark and cold. Would have hated to spill it. I think a glass jar with a screw top lid would be a better solution.

3. The telephone did not like the cold temperature. If I carry a phone with me on the trip it will have to go into the sleeping bag with me at night.

4. Got to find a place to store glasses, radio and alarm clock.  I knocked the glasses off of the shelf, lost the radio in the middle of the night, and couldn’t find the alarm clock.

5. The teddy bear kept slipping away. Not good pillow behavior. I will put the bear in a bag of sweaters and use that as a pillow.

6. The bed was big enough. Good for reading and sleeping. I am a bit stiff this morning, but the body will adapt.

Good trial run. I hope never to be camping when it is 21 degrees at night, but I can.



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4 Responses to First Practice Night in the Truck Camper

  1. Mas Prema says:

    OK. I was concerned with a knock on the camper and I would have to talk. Without the dentures I gum the pronunciation of everything. Maybe I just need to practice without the dentures!


  2. Jane says:

    OK, it’s time for those wool carpet pieces in my basement ! And foam you mentioned getting.
    And a smile doesn’t have to show the pearly whites.


  3. madeline huffines says:

    Take the dentures out.


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