The Basket is Installed

Toyota Tacoma with carapace and basketOn top of the cab is a handy basket. It will contain gasoline and an ammo box filled with gold and gem hunting tools.

The trip will start in 2 months. I am beyond excited.

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4 Responses to The Basket is Installed

  1. Jane says:

    gold and gem hunting ? I thought it was meteors you were after ! Sounds like there could be an income after all. What’s left on the list ?


    • Mas Prema says:

      Nothing left on the list. I love to hunt for bling … don’t seem to care what it is. It gives me purpose and exercise. I used to love to hunt for sharks’ teeth on the beaches. Hunting for bling in the desert is the same. A quiet mind and active eyes.


  2. madeline huffines says:

    That basket will be so functional. Perfect place for all my luggsge!


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