Inside of the Living Space of Truck Camper

inside of the truck camper

This post was written before starting out. Things change as you travel.

She is almost ready!

Summer clothes are my pillow, winter clothes behind the passenger seat, kitchen under the bed, lots of books, a propane tank, a flashlight and a sweet little rug.

The water storage is in the cab, behind the passenger seat. The toilet is that 5 gallon bucket. I have a hot water bottle for the coldest nights. Tools, tarp, camping chair and table are in the cab behind the driver’s seat. The kitchen is below the foot of the bed.

The red plastic container will hold fresh veggies and water. The tarp poles and hiking stick are held up from the ceiling with some old telephone wire.

How much more could anyone want or need?

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4 Responses to Inside of the Living Space of Truck Camper

  1. madeline huffines says:

    Love it. Padding under sleeping bag? What is the propane for? So well planned out.


  2. Jane says:

    Oh, I want to come see it ! Still honking from bronchitis but feeling alive again. Do you still want the wool shag carpet strips? Foam ? Shelving ? Taking leave of stuff I’m sure feels good. Taking leave of friends would be hard. I think being materialistic about people is OK so don’t let us disappear from your life ! Hey, I still have all that maple syrup for you, too !


    • Mas Prema says:

      I will bring “Mochila” by your house soon. At the moment I am waiting for a locksmith. The camper top wont unlock! I have slept in the back several times and am comfortable without any additions.
      Leaving friends is agony at times.


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