Going Alone in a Truck Camper

I  thought that I would be traveling alone for this trip.

Toyota Tacoma 2006


But then I started taking a look around the camper. There is art by Cindy and Marlis and Paula. There are safety items and a cool sweatshirt thanks to Margaret. There is a down vest and a cashmere sweater from Anne. There is a perfect tarp from Bill and Jane. There is a bed constructed by Dave and one of his caps with a light. There is a solar shower from Peg. There is a chair from Michael. There is a rug from Sri Sri Siddhi Ma. There is the solar set up and a metal detector from Rob. And there is the truck, from Rob and Susan.

I am surrounded by love and friendship. Not so alone.

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2 Responses to Going Alone in a Truck Camper

  1. Jane says:

    Sometimes we are surrounded by people and feel we are alone. At times no one can really share what we are going through or help us with our process. But when we start to care about others, really love who they are and want to be, some part of us starts to intertwine with some part of them and there is an invisible support system we form. That system survives even when we or they are gone, it seems, The concept gives me peace and the feeling you are getting is that you ARE loved. Happy Trails, Pickett.


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