Secret Spot to Camp

Well, the secret spot had been over taken with atvs and huge motor homes and huge trailers and jeeps and children and people and dogs. What happened to MY secret hidden spot?  After Sunday they all left, and I got the spot (38.48.39 N, 109.18.3 W). Secret camping spot Dewey Bridge

No cell service. No Wi-Fi. No radio stations within reach.

I was going to stay 2 weeks, but huge vehicles kept slowing down and looking, anticipating the weekend. Jeeps kept circling, scattering more sand and dust.  Rearranged the inside of the truck 3 times. Spent 4 nights. After the 2nd night the wind picked up.

If I heard a high pitched train whistle echoing off of the canyon walls a big gust was coming. If I heard whistling wind in the far trees that indicated a medium gust. Either way I got covered.

The wind blew cow shit, sand and dust into/onto everything. Cooking was not possible. I ate bananas for lunch and dinner. Even making coffee in the morning was difficult.

Finally got chased out by the ferocious wind. And drove at dawn to Moab to do laundry and buy groceries.

Until I got to Moab I had no idea where I was headed next. (Still feeling like I am on vacation and need to hurry up.) They are calling for snow to the north of Moab, so I will head south. Maybe.



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1 Response to Secret Spot to Camp

  1. Marlis says:

    Hi Pic, despite the unexpected happening….it sounds quite adventurous to me. Thinking about you, -sending big hugs. -M.


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