Comb Wash Camp Spot

37.501968, -109.658408 at 6,099′ in elevation, and cliffs on both sides. Huge signs stating that the road is impassable in wet weather. The road is soft and thick in dried mud. It would be a nightmare to try to leave if there was any moisture. Comb Wash Camp SpotNice spot, though. A table, vault toilets and shade.

Aggh. Who cares about shade? It was the coldest night I have ever experienced in the truck. The water froze as it was coming out of the two gallon spigot. My breath froze on the outside of the sleeping bag. The wind was strong and cold  And there was this turkey …

Comb Wash TurkeyThis turkey was endearing at first. Then she followed me around. Closely. Then she started jumping on the table while I was reading. Then she started pecking me. She slept outside all night and greeted me excitedly in the morning. Then she started jumping on the table while I was drinking coffee. I couldn’t make her go away.

Was this some kind of sign? If not, the rain drops were the signal to get out while I still could. The rain was turning to snow and my fingers were turning blue, so I headed up 95 to Hanksville on the most magnificent of drives.

Comb Wash Turkey Portrait



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6 Responses to Comb Wash Camp Spot

  1. Marlis says:

    …so, did you take your new turkey friend along? -guess not….:) -M.


  2. Jane says:

    Looks easier than fishing ! A turkey dinner jumping on the table to volunteer. Cold and snowing here again, too, go south, young friend, go south. xo


    • Mas Prema says:

      Darn weather. Hail, snow, wind. The turkey was a very unexpected visitor. After she pecked me and tripped me up several times I thought about a new definition of road kill! Am headed west. I think.


  3. Biz Crate says:

    I am one of your ardent followers and, may I say, I very much look forward to your posts. Short, sweet, well written and with a wry sense of humor.
    Should I edit the first line to say “…one of your ardent followers, along with the turkey…?
    Counting the days until I’m free of the sticks and bricks …


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