Roadside Camping

Crummy weather … hail, rain, snow, high winds.

I had driven to several good spots to camp, but they all had new, shiny  “Private Property No Trespassing” signs. I couldn’t decide where to go so I camped on roadside pull outs. Boring until I lay in bed and heard the hail drumming on the roof. There was a soothing dance music to the sound. Punctuated by cracks of thunder and flashes of lightening. I was warm wrapped in two layers of sleeping bags. Entertained by the sounds. Then I had to get up and out of the truck. Yuck. And with the wind/rain/hail there was no way I was going to make coffee.

The weather is still cooler than is comfortable living in the back of the truck, so am headed to Delta, UT to start the hunt for meteorites sooner than September. Maybe it will be warm there. Bound to be warmer than here.

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4 Responses to Roadside Camping

  1. Jane says:

    Or come back to Woody Creek until this white stuff quits. The guest room has a HEATED bathroom and you can make any old kind of coffee you wish ! Never touch the stuff myself. Always welcome here Pickett !


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thank you for the offer, Jane. Your friendship and offer of hospitality means a lot to me. Especially a heated bathroom! Got to find a rhythm here, wherever here is. So will not be headed back for a while.


  2. Kim Pitman says:

    Well at least there was the wonderful sounds and who wouldn’t want a meteorite sooner than later? Oh Baby Baby it’s a wild world!


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