Reading and Eating

All of my  pre-leaving planning has gone out the window. Plans for elaborate pasta dishes have evaporated. Plans for reading by subject matter have disappeared.

Both reading and eating have evolved into the “reach-in” method. Whichever book I touch (as I reach under the bed/shelf) is what I read. Whatever food I touch I eat.

This has created some unlikely pairings.

Tuna with cranberries, Thomas Merton’s Song of Jonas with My Lead Dog Was a Lesbian, The Sound of Mountain Water by Wallace Stegner followed by The Meaning of Mary Magdalene by Cynthia Bourgeault. Canned pineapple with potted meat. Train by Peter Dexter followed by Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff.

This reach-in method has segued to clothing.  Who cares if my shirt matches the sweater? The first clean shirt goes with the sweater.

Pre-planning was fun.  The “reach-in”  methodology is funner.


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3 Responses to Reading and Eating

  1. Jane says:

    And I was so impressed with all the careful planning ! Being a wing-it, by the seat of my pants type myself. Much funner.


  2. cindy wynn says:

    I like funner….I wonder if I could apply this method to my work….


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