Budget for the First Month

Some good points, some not so good.

I spent $230.45 on gas, instead of the  $152 on the budget. This was due to driving around, looking for something. The camping was too much, also. $90.50 instead of $45. I like showers more than I thought. Entertainment was $0 spent against $30 budgeted. Food was $67.77 instead of the budgeted $120. So I was $41.72 over the budget.

I had anticipated that the first few months were going to be more expensive than the budget, so I saved $200 for the “settling in” excesses.

I am going to drive less. I am going to do more free camping, without showers.

The next post will be about the last camping spot, Hovenweep National Monument. Right now in Durango, Colorado. Had to rotate the tires at Big O and oil change/air filter change at the Toyota dealership.

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1 Response to Budget for the First Month

  1. cindy wynn says:

    Hi Pick, I would dearly love to contribute to your budget. Cw


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