Hovenweep National Monument

Oh what a great spot to see desert wildflowers jumping up in the rain. A very nice campground. With the Old Age Pass I paid $5/ night. 10 nights and I had already shot the camping budget. Darn.hove1

A nice shady shelter, flush toilets and drinking water. Lots of Puebloan ruins, lots of wildflowers, lots of hikes.

Hovenweep Path


The above path led to a great view of the ruins. The flower below is a whorled milkweed. Hovenweep Whorled Milkweed


This next picture is of the rose seed …. a feather-like marvel.Rose Seed

The Hovenweep National Monument is a gem and worth a visit. May your camping budget be larger than mine!


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1 Response to Hovenweep National Monument

  1. Marlis says:

    Lovely, inviting path there, -brings out the wanderlust in me. Beautiful fleurs too….
    Dang that budget…


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