Cortez, Colorado

I camped for 14 days at a closed National Forest campground.  I was given permission to camp out for free for fourteen days. Hooray!

Bradfield Shady Spot

Camping spot near CortezThis fourteen day sojourn was heavenly. Long walks, brilliant sky, crazy rain and hail. I tried all kinds of new procedures, like washing my hair with vinegar and water (worked pretty good for a day or so), bathing outdoors (fun), eating cold soups out of a can in the back of the truck on the fourth consecutive all day rain day (edible, barely), and trying to deal with garbage. The dealing with garbage was rough. I forgot to de-package my last purchases before camping, and ended up on the first camping day with 3 bags of plastic and cellophane and cardboard. Yuck.

I am now in the town of Cortez, at the library in a private study room. What luxury, electricity and air conditioning and flush toilets. I found out that at 11:45 I can go to the rec center and get a shower. For $3. Hooray! then I will go to a UPS store and see if I can collect mail. Then shopping for food for the next two week sojourn while I do laundry next door. There are no commercial campgrounds near Cortez, so I will probably sleep in the Walmart parking lot tonight.

I am having a great time. I am enchanted with the town of Cortez. I love the long walks. The “reach-in” reading selection came to a slow down when I picked up the christian bible, King James, and the Advaita Bodha Deepika – The Lamp of non-Dual Knowledge. I am reading every word. Slowly. I read the Advaita Bodha Deepika, then  got stuck at Samuel in the bible, but will continue on.




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3 Responses to Cortez, Colorado

  1. Kim Pitman says:

    I am so glad you are having fun! Now a days when people ask me about you and where you are, I say well let’s see and whip out my phone to see if we can find you. Usually you are out of range but since you have started your trip, more people out of the blue have been asking me about you and where you are, for example at a book fair the other day the guy that owns The Captain’s Bookshelf, I am blanking on his name, he was so happy to here about your adventure and asked I tell you hello and much love!


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