Food while Truck Camping

The gusty, high winds and spring rain  cut into the  cooking time. All the plans of fancy dishes and breads was blown away with sand and dust and wind or driving rain. avocado toast

Roma tomatoes lasted over a week, and improved in flavor over time. They worked well with a can of tuna. Garlic raw is not that appealing, but a head of garlic keeps at least a month. Grapes last 4-5 days if kept shaded. Same with mango. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes all last for 10 days. (Their only downside is the size of the garbage. Have switched to citric acid and am skipping grapefruit until I am in town near a way to throw the peel away. Cucumbers don’t last more than 2 days; then only if it is cool in the truck and you haven’t cut into them. Eggs last 10 days, unless it is really hot then pickle them after 4-5 days. Salted butter is still good after 1 month. A bit cheesy tasting, but still good.

Cooking in wind

It is important to pick  blemish free and unripe fruits and veggies. The fruits go into a wicker basket covered with a cloth. The veggies go onto paper towel covered with a dish cloth. All fresh food is gently turned every day and stored in the shade. There are no  lettuces small enough for a single meal.  Cabbage will last for awhile if you peel off the leaves. I haven’t figured out a way to keep cut veggies.  Yet.

I can eat a can of soup. Speaking of cans … most supermarket sizing is for 2 or more people. Since there is no refrigeration I eat portions for two once a day. A can of tuna is for two. But I eat the whole can for “linner” (the lunch/dinner combo), then have a late night granola bar.

Eating inside has some problems. There is no way to wash dishes, cutting board or utensils. I eat out of the cans. Then lean out the back door and spray the knife or fork or spoon with vinegar water. Then dry it off with a dish towel or air dry. That seems to be holding the bad germs at bay.

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4 Responses to Food while Truck Camping

  1. myke says:

    how’s the herb? hehe… just kidding… kind of :)


    • Mas Prema says:

      The herb is a dicey question. Since I am on Federal land I don’t indulge. I don’t want to mess up with Colorado’s new laws by stretching the boundaries of where it is ok to enjoy the herb.


  2. Marlis says:

    Gee, you are learning a lot! But ‘cheesy butter’?? I don’t know about that one… How about ghee? Stays fresh lots longer,- just a thought :-)


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