Budget for the 2nd month Truck Camping

The Budget is thriving, now that I am not driving all over Utah and Nevada and Colorado looking for some undetermined thing.

May 10-June 10 Budget
Spent Budgeted
Food 92.85 120.00 27.15
Camping, Laundry 54.00 45.00 (9.00)
Entertainment 0.00 30.00 30.00
Gasoline 51.99 152.00 100.01

Thanks to Cindy Wynn, who donated $100 to this trip, the unexpected truck expense was covered. Thanks Cindy! She has wonderful new steel pieces here.

Thanks to Deb,Sheila and Marlis’ donation I was able to buy a chair and table. The table is extruded aluminum and is very light and collapses easily. The chair collapses, also, but it is a struggle. I am very comfortable reading or writing in this combo. Thanks everyone!

Chair  and table for truck campingI am getting used to this trip … what joy. And Deb, Sheila, Marlis, Cindy, Rob and so many others are on this trip, too.

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  1. Marlis says:

    cool…. :-)


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