Burro Bridge Campground

The Burro Bridge campground in the San Juan National Forest is wonderful. The elevation is 9,107 feet and the wildflowers are blooming like crazy. Mornings are chilly (I can see my breath) and the days, so far, have been rainy with a few hours of sun almost every day. The campers in this tiny campground are all hikers, anglers or bikers. No generators. No loud nothing, unless it is the cacophony of birds. If you click on any of the images they will expand to glorious almost full size.

Burro Bridge Camp Spot

Set up in the Camp Host’s spot

Burro Bridge truck vista

Parked in the mountains of the San Juan National Forest

West Dolores River behind the truck

West Dolores River behind the truck

Burro Bridge Sheep Eating

First Day’s surprise

getting the cloth from a funny sheep and cleaning up sheep shit.

First Day’s job, getting the cloth from a funny sheep and cleaning up sheep shit.

Burro Bridge North View

This is what I see looking North.

Burro Bridge Campsite

Burro Bridge Campsite

The image above is one of 13 sites that the campground has. They are all fine. This one, #1, is great for morning sun.

Burro Bridge Bathroom

Cleanest bathrooms east of Tokyo

The above is one of 3 bathrooms that I maintain, thanks to Pine Sol and labor. Below are a few things I have found useful while truck camping.


Burro Bridge Milk Crates

Milk crates are great for drying towels or socks.

Burro Bridge Water Jugs

Water Jugs are great for holding down a tarp without tearing out grommets.

The umbrella was great until a fierce wind kicked up and umbrella was crushed.

The umbrella was great until a fierce wind kicked up and umbrella was crushed.

burro Bridge Hints PVC

PVC holding up tarp.

I just took my first shower in 3 weeks. Cannot even begin to tell you how good it felt. Treated myself to breakfast in Dolores, thanks to a pay check. Thank goodness for mobile apps. I was able to deposit the check directly into my account via the iphone, without having to drive an extra 100 miles for the nearest branch of my bank. This is very helpful for people on the road.

I will be at Burro Bridge until September 15th, so you will see more of the San Juan National Forest. I will also start talking about some of the characters I have met camping out at Burro Bridge. Stay tuned!

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7 Responses to Burro Bridge Campground

  1. Kelly says:

    Loving your journey. Please keep sharing all of your experience. Suggest you do not show your license plate in pictures.


  2. DAVE says:

    I wish I could come down and camp there w/ you!!.. Miss you tons!, db/mb


  3. Marlis says:

    Love the photos Pic, (that visual thing!) what a gorgeous spot you are in. Happy for you and all the lucky folks that get to enjoy those super clean bathrooms. XOXO


  4. Wendy Ellsworth says:

    When I lived in Crawford, CO, one of my favorite places to go was the Dunton Hot Springs on the West Dolores River, near where you are! Once upon a time, it was an old mining town owned by three brothers who rented out tiny funky cabins and ran the hot springs. I have wonderful memories of that place!! It’s a 5 star resort now! It’s such a beautiful area!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes, it is wonderfully beautiful here. The Dunton Hot Springs crowd even drive up to the Burro Bridge campground for the views. Have talked to a few workers at Dunton. Sounds luxurious and pampered and gourmet.


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