Sheep and Burro Bridge

I am having a blast at this campground. There is no cell phone service. No electricity. No dump station. So, there are lots of hikers with tents, anglers with pop up trailers, and cars with tarps. Nothing fancy comes this far up. Perfect for someone like me.

Sheep. You saw the two sheep on the last post. Yesterday morning there was a huge flock (or herd or mob or band) of sheep coming down the road by the campground.
Sheep in the RoadTo manage what was estimated at 600 sheep were 3 dogs and two men. Incredible, noisy, undulating site. The dogs were the stars, cautious and guarded.

Also yesterday there was a group of San Juan Hut-to-Hut bicyclists. They ride from Durango to Moab. In this season of rain they are a mess when they stop at Burro Bridge. I give them encouragement, a Werther’s caramel and water to wash off their gears. There are 2-3 groups that come through each week.Hut to Hut Bikers

messy gears on the hut to hut bikers

The trip is adored by the participants. Check it out here.

I have been given some wonderful things by the campers as they are leaving. I had a handful of champagne grapes (the most wonderful tasting grapes ever), food that was no longer needed, a twenty dollar bill (spent on a great breakfast in Dolores), a book to read (Elizabeth Gilbert’s A Signature of all Things … loved it!), and a pair of binoculars. The binoculars were what I was going to buy with my camp hostess earnings. BinocularsA fascinating couple (Bonnie and Dave) left me their binoculars. I put their names on the binoculars in indelible ink. … and I am spying on the chipmunks, searching for bears (none yet), and delighting in the antics of the birds. Just yesterday I was given a short bottle of wine and a frappuccino from a couple updating the Moon publication of Colorado campgrounds.
TipI am humbled, amazed and delighted with the people I am meeting as campground hostess. I have made friends with men who have “This truck protected by Glock”, with people who gather for Bible lectures, with people who have traveled to Nepal. We all seem to delight in the place and the nature and the unexpected friendships.




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11 Responses to Sheep and Burro Bridge

  1. Bonnie Cunningham says:

    Love your blog, Picket. I wish you had your picture up there! We somehow did not get a picture, darn it! Thank you for your thoughtful letter!! We so enjoyed being with you and hope you look us up in Phoenix! (Also, so happy you liked the book!)


  2. myke says:

    That’s really cool… Do you think you could have accessed that area without 4WD?


  3. Jane says:

    Dear Pickett, you are in just the sort of place I was hoping for you, surrounded by beauty and meeting all sorts of people who see in you the same thing we do here in Woody Creek. The Wiz misses you, BTW. And so do Bill and Jane. xoxo


  4. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Pickett you have a beautiful way with people and they can sense that and that’s why they
    are generous with gifts. Enjoy it!!! It is a wonderful experience to have that kind of an
    interaction with folks.!!


  5. Marlis says:

    awww… I could not think of a better place for you to be. -No place like the present!


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