Budget and Flowers in the Mountains

The budget is looking good. Staying put in the Burro Bridge Campground is healthy, both for finances and physical health. Long walks, not much driving, and nowhere to spend money. I spent the entertainment funds on a great lunch (cod and home made chips) and an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Most mornings, according to the new thermometer, are 38 degrees. Yes. It is cold at this altitude.

July 10- August 10, 2015 Budget
Spent Budgeted
Food 95.73 120.00 24.27
Camping, Laundry 23.75 45.00 21.25
Entertainment 18.18 30.00 11.82
Gasoline 39.88 152.00 112.12

I was treated to a wonderful, freshly caught, still cold from the West Dolores, trout. These campers, in Burro Bridge, are friendly and generous. Please note that the fish was beautifully cleaned before presented to me for dinner!

Burro Bridge Trout


A little bit of evoo and salt in a hot cast iron pan.


Burro Bridge Trout cooking


Burro Bridge Trout dining

It was delicious. I even sucked the bones. I have alerted the new campers that trout is the best way to get on my good side!

I have spent the last few days taking pictures and looking up flowers. The hills and mountains and creek beds are too full to show all of them, but here are a few:

Burro Bridge Musk Thistle

Musk Thistle, carduus nutans

Sulfur Paintbrush, castilleja sulfurea

Sulfur Paintbrush, castilleja sulfurea

Towering Lousewort, pedicularia bracteosas

Towering Lousewort, pedicularia bracteosas

Unknown "weed"

Help to identify ????

The last image is of a plant that no Forest Ranger, camper or camp host can identify. They have all called it a weed. Weeds have names too, don’t they? The plant goes up to 6′ and seems to be common in this area. Help!

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8 Responses to Budget and Flowers in the Mountains

  1. Jane says:

    I was going to say a very healthy Dock as well ! Mine don’t get that tall or lush. The trout looks yummy and so glad to hear the budget and YOU are healthy up there ! xo Jane


  2. Janet k. says:

    Hope you get some good weather. Flowers look wonderful. One man’s weed is another man’s flower. Maybe you should study edible plants, then u can live off the land.
    Soon the birds will fly south and Pickett too??
    Fun to read about your adventures. Best wishes from Janet K.


  3. Marlis says:

    Looks like a beautiful specimen of curly or yellow Dock (rumex crispus) -great medic. plant. The root -harvested in dormant season and tinctured- is an antifungal, great blood purifier, also good for lymph system, liver and a host of other issues…
    The other images made my mouth water and my eyes smile!
    Sounds like you are a ‘happy camper’ -as they say. Hugs, -M.


  4. DAVE says:

    Looking good Mas Prema!! Miss you tons!.. I hate trout because of the bones but that sure looked tasty!.. Plant looks almost like some type of corn lily..?? Take care db


    • Mas Prema says:

      Flesh came off of bones in a big section. Plant was a “curly dockThanks to friend, Marlis, the plant was “curly or yellow Dock (rumex crispus) -great medic. plant. The root -harvested in dormant season and tinctured- is an antifungal, great blood purifier, also good for lymph system, liver and a host of other issues…”.


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