Camp Hosting by the McPhee Reservoir

I have gotten a system down to clean the multitude of bathrooms, and the campers are nice. So this is not as hard as I had imagined to take care of 65 campsites, 22 bathrooms and 80 acres. Found some stunning flies ….House Creek FlyThey are sweet and will sit on my hand. They are huge, about the size of a quarter. Brought a passel of kids up from the camp to see them.

House Creek Campers

This is Loop B, with electricity, bathrooms, and boat access to the water.

House Creek Camp Host Spot

This is my spot, with all the equipment necessary to do the job! 2 golf carts, and a little cart I can attach for trash and ashes and weeds.House Creek Camp Host SpotOnce or twice a week I have to wash all of the dirty cleaning cloths. The sun is intense, so drying time is only an hour or two.

House Creek Reservoir

It is a pretty spot. The campers are generous with their fishing and I  had a Kokanee Salmon from the reservoir yesterday. Mighty fine eating.

I am getting nervous about Labor Day weekend. I already have 27 reservations, and there is still time to make a reservation. Rumor has it that the campground will be full. In order to prep I have 120 people reserved for this weekend. That should get me in a fully functioning rhythm.

Camp hosting a site this size is not for me. I have very little alone time. There is always something that needs to be done, someone that needs attention, gates to be unlocked and locked, trash to be hauled, bathrooms to stock and clean. Thank goodness it will end Sept 15 and I will drive off into the sunset for who knows where.

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8 Responses to Camp Hosting by the McPhee Reservoir

  1. Jane says:

    I hope the work load is reflected in the pay you are getting there. Not just in fish. I remember Bill used to go up to Reudi when the kokanee were “running”. People would fill their freezers. How do they get up Reudi Dam ? Duh. xo Jane


  2. DAVE says:

    Did you know if you google burro bridge campground now there are pics of your rig?..You are famous now..;}.. I had no idea there were kokanee in Mcphee!.. Great fish! Take care and use my 618 2093 # now..db


  3. Margaret H says:

    Beautiful Camping grounds. The ‘fly’ looks to be a cross between a Ladybug & fly, first thought lol. Sounds like you have a Full commitment for next 3 weeks! Ah but the Fish sounds very good. Love your blogs and updates. I rather your ‘kind’ of busy than my overflowing plate; but such is life. Enjoy! XOXO Margaret


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