Tips and Perks While Camp Hosting

I got two five dollar tips this past weekend. I hadn’t done anything special and felt guilty for accepting the dough. They insisted and I gave in. So I spent some ruminating time thinking about what to do with the money. Ten minutes later a man pulled his trailer up to the waste dump site, which costs $10. His wife, however had left with his wallet. “That’s great,” I said. “i will pay for it. You just have to pay it forward to someone else!” I explained about the unexpected tips. He smiled and proceeded to empty his waste. Then his wife called and said the wallet was in the trailer. He found twenty dollars, and said for me to pay it forward!

House Creek MantisThis praying mantis rode on my cap for about an hour. She didn’t want to leave.

This past weekend there was a group site filled with old campers that had been restored. They are called “Glampers”, people who tow the old ones, all done up and fancified.

House Creek Glamper 1

House Creek Glamper 2

House Creek Glamper 3

They were all so yummy to look at. Everyone was so proud … I got to see the insides as the owners showed them off and talked about which parts were original, which had been refurbished and plans for the future renovations.

There are perks and tips while camp hosting!

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8 Responses to Tips and Perks While Camp Hosting

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Loved your latest posting. Especially the praying mantis. Ditto on what Jane said about
    a nice meal or an extra tank of gas. We do miss you and I miss Julie as well. Jean Rhinehart


  2. DAVE says:

    Great stories my friend..Miss you tons here in Woody Creek.. Bunny and John Harrison just said to say hi.. db


    • Mas Prema says:

      Lots of stories from travelers, too. Which stories we tell each other are interesting. Do we tell childhood? Travel? Work life? Last night it was road disaster stories. Scary, fun on the telling. Not so much on the doing!


  3. Take the money. You’ve earned it and deserve it.


    • Mas Prema says:

      That was the point … I didn’t earn it, but have had fun passing it forward … $5 to the Cortez library and $5 for the Dolores Thrift Store. That was a fun, Secret Santa passing it forward!


  4. Jane says:

    Sounds like a fun Home and Garden show ! They do some of the Airstreams on TV and I’ve seen some amazing ones on the website for the Burning Man festival too. I’m sure the $ will come in handy around the bend, a nice meal or an extra tank of gas for sightseeing. Fall is here now. xo Jane


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