Not Camp Hosting, but ….

My bosses have given me a spot to hang out while I wait for the next eye appointment. They have been stationed just outside of the McPhee Reservoir Campground. High desert in the four corners region. I am living in the truck next to their huge motor home. The sunsets are jaw dropping beautiful. I now understand “purple mountains majesty…”McPhee Sunset 2

The pinon pines are beginning to give up their nuts. Below is a picture of one pine cone that is not ready to give up the nuts, yet. It is thickly covered in a very sticky pine sap.

Pinon Not Ripe

This one is ready, and the nuts are very tasty!Pinon Nuts

I saw a very fuzzy bush, and until I crushed one of the leaves didn’t realize it was sage. Usually the wind takes care of the seeding, but this bush was in a sheltered spot. I had never seen this stage of sage brush before.

Sage Brush Seeding

I walk  to a campground bathroom, about 1/2 mile away, and explore the campground and flora. Last night a group of 12 deer came next to the truck as Mary Lee tossed tortillas for them. They have become very tame and drank out of the dog’s watering bowl and ate tortillas. This does not bode well for them as hunting season is here.

I was in the town of Cortez the other day and was hailed “Hi, Pickett!” twice by campers that I had checked in. That is one of the plusses (or minuses) about being a camp host near a small town. You are not anonymous!

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4 Responses to Not Camp Hosting, but ….

  1. Jane says:

    Being anonymous most of the time should be enough. A teeny bit of social interaction is also good for the soul, dear. Along that vein, we all miss you in Woody Creek. Color is beginning to show, frost is on the pumpkins.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I think it was the surprise of being hailed in a remote town that startled me more than the loss of anonymity. I get so much interaction at the campgrounds that I anticipate being anonymous in the towns. I do miss Woody Creek.


  2. myke says:

    Nice. Are you heading south for the fall/winter?


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