On the Road Again

Have been a little lax on the budget since I have the camp hosting income. My first big laxness occurred in a “Cowboy and Indian Antique Store”. Really. I went in and looked at books (they were all in poor shape and none very valuable), then immediately picked up 9 very heavy metal trays and bought them for $30. I still have no idea why I did that. They are now part of my pillow, under sweaters and blue jeans.

The second laxness happened for $5 camping next to the Fremont River. It was a BLM campground. They toilets were not up to my standards, but the view from my camp site was great.Fremont River Sunset

Drove around the Valley of the Gods and Moki Dugway and spent the night.Valley of Gods

Camping spots all over the place, but with temperatures in the 90’s I decided to move on.Valley of Gods

That wall in the Valley of the Gods has a tiny road climbing up and up it I went. It was dirt and very narrow, so I couldn’t stop and take a picture. I couldn’t even look at the vistas, as my eyes were glued to the bumpy dirt road.

Then I was very surprised to hang out in Capitol Reef National Park. It was just on the way, I wasn’t trying to go there. Wonderful surprise.Capitol Reef

Lots of hikes and petroglyphs.Capitol Reef Petroglyph

Next laxness occurred in Richfield, Utah. Took a hotel room so I could do chores. The hotel room was $49.00, KOA was the same. But with the hotel room I got a soft bed, tv and a private shower. I had to get an oil change, tires rotated, a new air filter and to fix the screen on the iPhone and trade in already read books.

I am leaving the laxness of the hotel tomorrow. No I still don’t know where I am headed, other than souther.

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8 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Pickett – loved your latest post. There will be a time the trays will come in handy but when
    who knows. I’m glad you enjoyed the Valley of the Gods, Capital Reef etc. – those have been
    our stomping grounds for 40 years as well as Bluff, Utah area – Cedar Mesa Area. We have
    had a beautiful fall and I’ll miss playing banana grams this winter with you but keep on
    exploring and posting your adventures. Jean


  2. Janet k. says:

    Lots of people circulating around Utah. MICHAEL O. Was In St. GEORGE but now on way to Salt Lake.
    Maybe you could have a traveling antique store..or maybe a book store. Pick up a few trays here and sell them there. The West used to have lots of traveling salespeople. Sounds like you are enjoying life. Take care of No. 1. Janet K.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I am enjoying life most days and nights. That purchase of trays was so strange. I have no use for them, they weigh a lot, and I don’t really have room for them. So strange. Maybe, like you suggest, a traveling antique truck. I’ll just have to get rid of clothes and books!


    • Jane says:

      Love the petroglyphs ! And the choice of the hotel was money well spent on a deserved treat – the bathroom should have been up to standards. As someone with a collection of old metal trays myself (I once wanted to learn to paint tole ware like the Pa. Dutch), I know they are collectible. Bet you can sell them for $9 x 5 easily at some flea market along the way and sit and meet folks at the same time. Take care of you. xo Jane


      • Mas Prema says:

        Love your comments all the time. The trays look like they were from an old prison meal trays. So unlike my past behavior. It is puzzling that I am branching out on such different paths! Hotel was luxurious compared to truck, and felt good in exchange of camp hosting.


  3. Wendy Ellsworth says:

    Hi Pickett! Diana Post is with me here in Allenspark, CO as we read this latest post on your blog. Both of us send greetings and love. Stay in touch! Hope your eyes are doing all right!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Eye still crummy, but nothing can be done. Thanks for the love and greetings.


      • cindy wynn says:

        Harsh about yr eyes. I know the feeling, I have developed high eye pressure and no one can say why….I’m also researching a welding helmet with a head lamp. Seems like I’m welding by feel half the time now! Sending new pics to yr email just now.
        Xoxo CW


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