Boondocking while Truck Camping

Near Cedar City boondock

This was the first place I picked to boondock, outside of Cedar City, Utah. The temperature was great at 7,209′ and the price was right. But it was not a good place. There was trash all around and the atvr’s were buzzing and the flies were buzzing and the vibes were bad.  Nothing I could put my finger on. I tried to stay. but found myself packing up the next morning and leaving after only one night. That was a first, when I had to leave because of bad vibes.

Then I headed south and tried to find a site outside of St George. I found a great gravel road on BLM land, but after 6 miles I had to back down the last 3 miles as the road got impossibly narrow  and scary. Backing down was slow, but I finally made it. Then head up another road and found a fine spot.

St George boondockingThis was a great spot. Again at around 7,200′ and shady except for the middle of the day. The sun is necessary for all of the solar hook-ups. And it is such a relief when the trees shade everything in the afternoon. It was also flat. There were plenty of places to explore. There were no sounds except for unknown chatty birds. There was trash, but easy enough to pick up.  It was perfect for a few days until the rain came. Torrential rains, and the flat sandy parking spot turned into a slimy deep mud pool. So I left – in 4wd-, and got a surprise text message, which I will tell you about in the next post.

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2 Responses to Boondocking while Truck Camping

  1. Jane says:

    We need to trust that intuition on the vibes as it can keep us out of a lot of dangerous messes ! You listen to it.


  2. Marlis says:

    Oooh, can’t wait for the next post, -intruiged about the surprise text message….


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