A Break in Posting

Toes truck camping at Hovenweep
Afternoons at Hovenweep, watching the clouds scuttle over the ruins and canyons. One of the many joys of truck camping.

I have been thinking about a trailer.  I  love the truck. I love the bed. I love the cooking area. Inclement weather for more than 3 days is hard. When it rains all the windows and all the doors are closed. And I am flat out on the bed. I  take a walk in all weather, but cooking or reading outside can’t happen. So I think about a trailer. And then I remember how easy it is to drive just a truck. So I discard the idea of a trailer. Then I think about the cute Shasta that is for sale. Then I think about two more tires to worry about. And the expense of hauling the trailer. And I love the coziness and ease of mobility of the truck.

I will keep thinking about trailers, but will end up with the truck cap.

I will not be camping for the next few months. I will devote time to learning about the mechanics of this WordPress blog. I will be looking for and posting  ideas/items/thoughts for interested truck campers. Probably not as regular as when I am on the road/camping.

For now I will be luxuriating in the warmth of a house with friends in cold weather.

Woody Creek Winter

Winter in Woody Creek

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6 Responses to A Break in Posting

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Hi Picket:
    Jean and I have enjoyed your posts very much. We admire what you are doing.
    Allow me to add some thoughts on truck vs. trailer. When we were debating the issue and we were leaning towards a truck camper, a friend advised us, you don’t want to have to carry your bed around everywhere you go. I’m glad we took his advice. It is so nice (and convenient) to park the trailer and be able to take trips from a base camp and not have to pack everything up
    and secure it all.
    Regarding towing, I doubt that getting a small trailer like the Scamp, would add a whole lot to you gas mileage. And they can pretty much go where ever your truck can go (within reason).
    Wonderful photograph of Woody Creek!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thanks for your comments, Doug. I love to camp in very remote, hard to get to areas. I once had to back down a road 3 miles. I cannot imagine doing that with a trailer. I have envied people with trailers … they unhitch and drive off to get groceries. In the truck I have to pack up everything to drive even a mile. The trailers are comfortable in rain/wind. In the truck it is tiresome after a few days. Aggh! I am still torn between advantages/disadvantages. I love both ideas!


  2. Biz Crate says:

    I too wrestle with recurring thoughts about the perfect rig this time of year. In my case it’s the changing season that creates an urge to change for change’s sake (I resist). I empathize with your situation, though. Being so tightly cooped up for days must be frustrating. Sounds like the truck camper is the perfect fix for your needs.
    Let add to Jane’s compliment – your photos are lovely! Snow at Woody Creek being especially so.
    Glad you found an arragement that keeps you safe and warm for the winter.
    All the best until we hear from you again!


    • Mas Prema says:

      Hi Biz Crate! Glad to hear from others wrestling with rig set ups. Wind also drives me nuts with the truck. I haul a folding chair all around the circumference of the truck to get out of blowing sand. But the truck is so comfy and paid for and do I need more stuff (like a trailer) to haul around? Aggh. Its a fun process, this deciding.


  3. Jane says:

    This is one of the best photos I’ve seen in a long time, Pickett. Congratulations as the Ansel of Woody Creek ! xo Jane


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