Not so Free Reading

In the last post I was very excited about the free, good books via bookbub. Until I went to claim one. It really is a plug for Amazon’s “kindleUnlimited”

Too bad. It costs $9.99/month. It would be $119.88 for a year of unlimited reading. That is tempting. How much did I spend in the last 6 months for books from thrift stores and libraries? Total was $43.75. So a year would be ~$87.50.

Hmm. Close enough that I might consider it.  I would really miss out on trolling the thrift stores and libraries. I would miss holding/smelling a book/discovering a new subject or book in a musty stack. But think of the room/weight I would save! Would I ever discover Native American Plants of the Southwest (pub 1946) for a kindle?

Maybe I am too old fashioned. Maybe I will join kindleunlimited. I will let you know.

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6 Responses to Not so Free Reading

  1. Ming says:


    I just came across your blog and stayed up into the early hours last night reading older posts, trying to get to the beginning of your journey. Thank you for your posts, I am learning lots about fridge free camping, and enjoying the virtual travels.

    Regarding Bookbub, as long as you have a free Amazon/ Kobo/ Goggle account, you can download their free offerings daily. I have been doing so for a few months now and have more books than I will be able to read in my lifetime. I’ve found some good reads and new authors to read from it.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Ming, thank you for reading and commenting. Good help. I didn’t work too hard at finding good books with Bookhub. Too many years reading physical thing. I have whittled it down to 3 milk crates of books in the truck. When I have finished them I may give books on the Kindle a try again.
      Did you find good reviews, or were your good reads found randomly?


      • Ming says:

        Hi Mas Prema,

        is that what I call you? What does it mean, I cannot find a Spanish definition for Prema. I try to read the reviews that come along with the books and don’t download the ones not highly rated. Still I find that I only like a fraction of what I download, but then I only use these for fluff reading.

        3 milk crates of books! Wow, I was wondering how few books I could get away with if I were to truck camp long term, as I am a homeopath and want to keep working on the road and many of my references are hard cover books. I don’t think that I could get away with that many books as there are 2 of us in a little Tacoma with Leer topper. :)


      • Mas Prema says:

        Mas Prema is a name a holy woman in India gave me. She couldn’t pronounce my name. I seem to have stuck with it in the ether world.
        The books are fluffy, aren’t they? Thought I was being picky.
        Three milk crates, and a bag of books, and I just bought 4 more. It is a harmless addition, I say to myself.
        You will have to go electronically for reading your homeopathic books. Three crates, a bag and loose books = 1 other person.


  2. Biz Crate says:

    I noticed the same thing when I claimed the book to read. I will not be joining.
    The library in my home town has eBooks and audio books that I can “check out” using my library card number that I’ve had for many years. The book itself actually downloads from Amazon to my tablet, but the book is free to me because of the library’s relationship. The titles are less robust so I may need to wait until a newly published book is available. Still, I have a very wide range of choices at a very affordable price: free!
    When I have free wifi I can download 3 or 4 books and that lasts me for a while.


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