No Refrigeration Hints for a Truck Camper

Truck camping without a fridge or cooler leads to moldy butter and squishy avocados. Moldy butter This butter is not too old, but thanks to the extreme temperature changes it became moldy fast. I keep hunting for more hints on how to manage the food. I found a site   from boat cruisers who decided to go without refrigeration.

The list is very specific and helpful (4 pages!):

  1. tart apples last longest (4-5) weeks, storing with citrus speeds ripening.
  2. green peppers last because they segue into yellow peppers then red peppers.
  3. storing potatoes with apples retard ripening. Cut out eyes as they appear.
  4. wrap cabbage in newspaper or a towel.
  5. “We keep unopened containers (of yogurt) for three weeks or more , even in the tropics.”
  6. buy green tomatoes and wrap individually in paper towels to help them last 3 weeks.

During the 6 months that I was on the road I ate very well the first week after shopping. The second week was a bit sparser. The third week it was soup and Spam and canned pineapple.

I am intent on doing better with food. Do you have any hints?

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6 Responses to No Refrigeration Hints for a Truck Camper

  1. Whitey says:

    Try using a genuine silver butter dish. My parents used one when I was growing up and the butter didn’t spoil, despite being stored in a cupboard or on the counter top.


  2. Ming says:

    I have taken to replacing oatmeal with granola which I dress up with tons of dried fruits and mixed nuts. It is flexible – I normally add fresh fruit and cook it up until it is like oatmeal, but can be eaten as is in a pinch.


  3. Renee G says:

    Hi! I found your site from RV Sue and Crew’s site. You have a nice blog too. As for food, that’s a tough one without a lot of refrigeration. We have a fifth wheel and have solar and propane on board so food storage is not a problem, but I have a few suggestions. There are some dried types of food that you can buy such as Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown rice seasoned packets. There’s enough for two in a pouch and although you microwave it to reheat, you can eat it straight out of the pouch since it’s fully cooked. Dried fruits too can be kept on hand and reconstituted for desserts and mixed with your instant oatmeal. Tasty Bites has a brand of cooked Lentils in a pouch that you can eat as is, or substitute for taco meat. The Essential Baking company makes a vacuum packed sourdough bread that stays fresh for months unopened. All of these I’ve purchased at Costco, but you may be able to find them elsewhere. Also at Costco is a butter spread that stays fresh on your shelf for up to six months, it’s called Chef Shamy. It also has basil and parmesan in it. It’s delicious on anything! You may have to do as RV Sue does and make short trips to the store for perishables.


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