Heading Where?

This will be the year to discover New Mexico.New Mexico has an annual state park pass ($225 for out of state residents) that allows access and camping in all of their state parks. There are approximately 33 places to camp. Each one has a 14 day limit (then you have to leave for at least a week), and the pass lasts for 1 calendar year.

To start with I will be going through some of my old haunts, Dewey Bridge, Green River, the BLM land around Goblin Valley, through Hanksville and Hite (scary road!), then head to Bluff, then south to end up, eventually, at the City of Rocks State Park. Then wander throughout New Mexico.

That’s the plan. Plans on the road, you know, are written in Jello.


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5 Responses to Heading Where?

  1. Pippa says:

    Just loving your blog. i live in Australia but love going camping. Cheers Pippa


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  3. Jane says:

    City of Rocks State Park – sounds like Pickett’s kind of heaven !


    • Mas Prema says:

      Doesn’t it sound perfect?! Lots of trails and hiking possibilities. Rocks are more like boulders, but gems are there too. At this campground there are showers. That is luxury.

      Sent from the very smart telephone



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