Why Repeat a Drive?

After the last post someone asked “Why are you retracing your last drives?” This is why.

balance rock

On my first trip into the Utah desert, I took off my shoes and walked several miles down an unnamed wash to this spot. I sat on the ground in the shade of that tree all that day, very far away from all human sounds or smells. There were lizards scurrying around, rabbits slowly hopping, small birds searching, prong horned antelopes mating. The hot, still air  smelled of juniper and sand and rock dust. With a big rock balanced above all of our heads.

Then I woke up the next morning and watched the sun paint the landscape.

Dawn in the desert

The second time I went to the desert I stopped at these same two places before driving on. The extreme vistas with so many tiny details gave me a deep breath of expansiveness.
The third time I went to the desert I stopped at these same two places to re-assemble the ‘traveling me’ in a place of comfort. And breathe in the desert.

So I retrace the beginnings of the original route. It is a matter of habit. Or of superstition. Or of desire.

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7 Responses to Why Repeat a Drive?

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Comment – there is not another experience like it – being in the middle of the desert alone –
    a wonderful time for reflection, renewal, and taking in all the beauty that is there. Not a lot of
    people get to do it. We are scheduled to be in the desert in April and I’m getting really anxious
    especially after shoveling snow this morning. Jean


  2. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Pickett – that’s exactly we go to the desert – to find solitude and quiet and renewal. Jean


  3. Jane says:

    It really is spectacular scenery ! And the peace and quiet of the spot I cannot even imagine at the moment surrounded by X Games hordes. I’m envious of the time spent just watching birds and rabbits and horny antelopes. Maybe a good book at the same time. Why do we add all this STUFF to what we already have ? You be the smart one, Pickett !


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