On the way

I drove to Utah, thinking at 4,000′ that it would be warmer. Lots of sunshine, but very chilly with a stiff breeze. Fingers cramped up from the cold. Hard to write, very glad for a cup of hot coffee.dewey bridge area

On the hood of the truck is a jug of water warming in the sun. The jug is holding down a down vest soaked in gasoline. Spilled when I neglected to securely tighten the top of the 4 gallon container. Between the wind and the sun the gasoline smell dissipated after a two day airing.

I spent the days looking at rocks and listening to the raucous birds. Geese, turkeys, mallard ducks and three trees full of egrets all on the edges of the Colorado River. Hiked up and down the washes and investigated caves. I spent time getting back in the rhythm of truck camping. Where to put things, how to do things, how to stay warm, how to not pee on my shoes,

No one camped nearby until Mike, and his dog Sugar Bear, showed up. They came for a chat in the morning, and Sugar Bear gave me a great lesson. She is a Blue Heeler. She was intensely focused on everything. Everything was worth investigating.

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13 Responses to On the way

  1. P. Genetti says:

    Love your posts and thoughts Pickett. You are a brave woman and the world appears so peaceful and lovely where you are


    • Mas Prema says:

      I am not very brave, just can’t help having itchy feet and have to travel. Am having lots of fun. I know that Asheville is gorgeous this time of year and hope you are reveling in the beauty.


  2. fidelduke says:

    Tim and Wendy just left… they missed seeing you…. all is well though… headed to AVL Saturday


  3. Marlis says:

    So glad for you to be back traveling Pic, -let the adventures begin…or continue XO -M.


  4. Janet k says:

    You went too soon. Hope the warm weather catches up with you soon. A game of banana grams is awaiting you.
    Que te Vaya bien. Cuidate. Janet K.


  5. cataspen says:

    Safe travel and enjoy the birds and other natural beauty!


  6. Deborah Criss says:

    wonderful Pickett! I’m heading with a similar concept myself… be well love you


  7. Jane says:

    I was so hoping you’d move into the truck and stay put in our field for a bit re-learning how not to pee on the shoes etc. You left posthaste and we never got to hug you or say hasta la vista or anything. Such a snowbird you have become and we hope you are finding warmer nights soon
    and sleeping soundly until the birds wake you. A bird amongst all the other birds – the egrets sounds wonderful ! xoxo


    • Mas Prema says:

      Sorry I left so quickly, Jane. There were reports of snow coming and I hoped to escape to warmth. Not happening. Should have stayed around! Snowing and windy and very cold in southern Utah. Am headed to southern New Mexico. aybe it will be warmer!


  8. DAVE says:

    Safe travels..Miss you already. I never missed the water till the well moved away..


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