Cold Weather Camping

This truck was parked outside of the Moab library. The sign on the back reads “French Family Across America”.

French Family Across America

It has been very cold. I went to Natural Bridges, and was chased out by  blowing snow. Lots of hiking to see the natural bridges, blown by frigid wind. I was enchanted by the buffalo bush near where I was camped. Thick, curled leaves, tiny yellow flowers. Used by Native Americans to flavor buffalo meat.Natural Bridges Buffalo bush


I look like a mountain climber … very tanned hands and face. The rest is pasty white. The unrelenting wind and cold have discouraged me. I have spent days inside the truck, wrapped up in sweaters, puffy jackets and sleeping bags.

Had only two days of real meals. The breakfast was the easiest. I put 2 eggs in the water while I heated it up for coffee.breakfast while truck campingThe rest of the time it was so windy and cold I just huddled in the sleeping bags and ate granola bars. Still caught a wicked cold and have coughed my way to a hotel room for warmth and recovery. It works within the budget. At least for one night. I robbed the food budget (only spent $47 of allotted $120) and the gas budget (only spent $88.12 of the $152) to pay for the room. So thankful for hot shower and warm room. I embarrassed myself by cranking up the room temperature to 75!sunset while truck camping

Am next headed to New Mexico, Gallup then Quemado for some camping in the Gila National Forest. Am looking for sun and warmth to clear up this darn cough/cold.


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10 Responses to Cold Weather Camping

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Pickett – if you are in the area of Chaco Canyon Indian Ruins – it is a very interesting place to
    visit. If interested, check your maps. It is near Farmington, New Mexico. Hope the weather will
    be better for you – it is not a lot of fun being cold. Jean


    • Mas Prema says:

      Sorry it takes me so long to reply, but is rare that I get cell phone reception. I scooted past Chaco since it was cold, but will get there sooner or later. I am headed tomorrow up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. There are a multitude of free camping spots on the way, and the weather seems to be mellowing.


  2. Pippa says:

    Yes hoping you feel better soon and good you were able to get yourself a nice warm room. Curious about your name – is is Mas Prema – or is that Spanish for something else?
    Rgards and stay warm
    Pippa from Australia.


    • Mas Prema says:

      masprema is from my time in India. The “Ma” who was the head of a place that I stayed hated my name, Pickett, so she called me Prem. It means love, and is pronounced prema. So I adopted the name! I am Ma’s Prem! I am finally getting warm, still having fun.


  3. cataspen says:

    So sorry to read that you got sick. it’s been pretty wintery in Aspen too and I am even more grateful for my little apartment when night comes…The hotel room and hitting South seem like good ideas… feel better. Catherine


    • Mas Prema says:

      Finally over the cold and am comfy in the warmer New Mexico weather. Sorry it takes me so long to reply, but is rare that I get cell phone reception. Hope it is getting spring-like in Aspen!


  4. Sherry says:

    Oh Pickett! So sorry that you are so sick – I wish I was there to help. We will be back next week and also living in our car! I will drive down and help you! Warm wishes and hugs . Sherry and MJ xoxo


  5. Jane says:

    Oh, dear, PIckett, I hate to think of you sick and cold without a neighbor to bring home chicken noodle soup from the bakery ! I thought you’d be in warmer climes by now too. Yes, it’s cold here and going to stay that way awhile. February was warmer than March. The daffodils are confused to say the least. Our guest room is empty until summer if you need a place to recupe for a few weeks – with a tub and heat ! Take care. Jane and Bill


    • Mas Prema says:

      Ah Jane. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am determined to get warm in southern New Mexico. If that falls through I may come knocking on your door! Hugs to you and Bill.


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