Blissful Truck Camping

City Of Rocks Vista

How did I end up here? Why did I rush to get here with no groceries, no books to read? I was heading to Silver City, but heard on the radio that there were thunderstorms expected in Deming, NM. How great to experience the desert in the spring after thunderstorms! I raced towards the City of Rocks State Park, just north of Deming. What I didn’t expect was the rush of emotions when I bought the 1 year pass to all of the New Mexico state parks. It was as though I was stepping off into a new journey. ($225 = $18.75/mo gets me 14 days at a time for free in all of the NM state parks.)

The first thing I did was try to deal with wind. This is a very windy place (sometimes 32-37 mph sustained wind with gusts of 47-50 mph). I camped in the windiest place, figuring that it was time that I dealt with my dislike of wind.  I had this desire to dance with the wind, make peace with the wind. Ha. I moved after three days of getting peppered with gravel and sand.

City of Rocks site 23I moved to the site above. #23. The cave gave 24 hour wind protection, afternoon shade. I was in heaven once I moved. The park has great trails, vault toilets nearby, water nearby, and free SHOWERS at the entrance. And a bursting lending library.

And blooming cactusCity Of Rocks Flower, and blooming mesquite, and blooming ocotillo.
City Of Rocks Cactus
I love this City of Rocks State Park. I stayed 12 days, totally running out of food on day 10 (except for 2 granola bars).


If the rest of New Mexico State Parks are like this I am one very happy camper. I am headed (I think) to Pancho Villa State Park and then Rockhound State Park. But something may come up and I will end up in a completely different place. Ah. The joys of being retired!

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13 Responses to Blissful Truck Camping

  1. rmsealarke says:

    Loved City of Rocks back in early Fall. The most gorgeous sunsets ever and due to the lack of ‘communication’ (internet) a great place to hike and contemplate one’s navel. So blessed to have made your acquaintance. <3


  2. Jean Rhinehart says:

    While we were in Canyonlands and we experienced the harsh wind as well. It was April and that
    always seems to happen in the desert. Sounds like the New Mexico Parks would be a new
    place to explore and experience for us. Thanks for the Info. Jean


    • Mas Prema says:

      This year pass is a great way to see New Mexico. You buy that, then pay only a few more dollars for electricity ($4) if you need it. Clean bathrooms, showers and wonderful vistas!


  3. That cave looked adorable for camping! What a sweet spot and FREE showers? No way. Wish I could deliver you a hot meal.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Such luxury with the cave and the vistas and the showers I didn’t miss the food at all! Would love our visit with or without food! Am off line for the next 3-4 weeks at some other NM State Parks.Hope the weather settles down for you in Woody Creek.


  4. DAVE says:

    Miss you Pickett.. Oookie weather here..Humbling work weather..Killer campsite!.. Coolest fire ring ever.. Jealous. xoxo. db/mb


  5. Jane says:

    What ! A bloomin’ ocotillo !!! The cave looks like the best find yet for shelter. And what a view. Pickett’s heaven on earth. Still snowin’ here, luv.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Sad about the continued snow where you are. Good for the plants, but heck on the aching for shirtsleeve weather. Expecting wind gusts in the 60mph range today. Good for clearing out mental cobwebs!


  6. Deborah Criss says:

    wow, thank you for sharing, Pickett!


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