Blooming Cacti and Truck Camping

I am in love. Totally smitten by cacti. I pulled into a site in the Pancho Villa New Mexico State Park and was gob smacked. The cacti were blooming.Pancho Villa Cactus Pancho Villa CactusPancho Villa Cactus

Outrageous colors. And they change … the orange looking flower turns a light yellow when fully open. Even the old cactus bodies are fascinating.

Pancho Villa Cactus Skeleton

I camped in an expensive site (water and electricity), but wrote the Ranger a nice note that I wouldn’t be using electricity or water, and I haven’t been kicked out yet! A camper next to me, Mary, was pissed that I got the primo site for “free”. (She didn’t count that I paid $225 for the year pass!) The truck is parked at 2 o’clock in the picture below. The forground is a botanical walk among cacti and succulents.NM State Park Pancho Villa

This park is dedicated to the repulsion of  Pancho Villa’s “raid”, “invasion” into New Mexico 1916. Pershing was sent to capture the fella, and failed. It got me chuckling when I thought about who’s land was it?  Native Americans? The Mexicans? The Spanish? The United States?

Went to Palomas, Mexico for the day for huevos rancheros. Got a free margarita (at 11 am!) with the eggs and coffee. Not a real exciting town, but it was Mexico.

I will spend a few more days here, luxuriating in blooming cacti. The wind is 20-35 mph every day. That is tiresome, but endurable. Don’t know where I am headed next. Will post when I can.

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16 Responses to Blooming Cacti and Truck Camping

  1. Bursting beauty! 🌸🌸🌸


  2. cataspen says:

    Beautiful!. glad to rad that you are in a warmer place!I am in Utah for a few days. It’s getting warm now and also very spectacular with flowers and all kinds of greens coming after the rain ( around St George).


  3. Janet Kayej says:

    Glad you found a warmer place. Still winter here. Greening up but cold and wet.ciao. jk


  4. Jane says:

    Just gorgeous ! Interesting to see that someone appreciates lined old cactus bodies. I hope Bill does. xo


  5. Ming says:

    Beautiful cactus flower pictures!

    I had hear that NM was very windy. How do you spend your days in such weather?


    • Mas Prema says:

      Wind is a constant problem with cooking on the tailgate of the pickup. Just can’t do it. I ignore the wind as much as possible, take my walks, read, investigate fun stuff. I have to move my reading chair to the wind blocking side of the truck. Then move it again as the wind switches direction. Repeating this action several times during the day.I can usually make coffee in the morning, if I get up before sunrise. After that it just isn’t possible to shield the flame.


  6. DAVE says:

    Looks awesome!.. Good to see you made it Mexico..And back!.. Windows of opportunity!..Much love from Freak Creek..db/mb


  7. rmsealarke says:

    Lovely photos of the Cactus Blossoms! :)


  8. I get excited every time I see an email in my inbox with your latest update. I can’t believe the cactus. Unreal.


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