Oliver Lee State Park and advice

Camping in the New Mexico State Parks is luxurious. There are showers, water and great visitor buildings full of specific information on the park. There are other campers, too. I learned how to cut my own hair, from a camping solo woman who was a cosmetologist in one of her past lives. She and her dog were great company for a few days.
Oliver Lee State Park is a gem.
One evening the the clouds built up, then it rained for several hours. Oliver Lee State Park

At dawn  (with not one puddle from the previous night’s deluge) I  walked on the Riparian Trail.
Oliver Lee State Park at dawnThe valley, in the crease of the mountains, had a stream of water. And a bench and oodles of birds and oodles of plants. Even found a Columbine plastered to the seeping walls! Oliver Lee State Park Riparian WalkI sat for hours, as the sun rose and the birds woke up and heard the water burbling. It was so astounding to hear running water in the middle of the desert that I was enchanted.Oliver Lee State Park Bench

So wonderful. Magical. Invigorating. Inspiring.

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2 Responses to Oliver Lee State Park and advice

  1. Pippa says:

    The pixs are great – looks like a beautiful place yo be. I thought ‘oodles’ was a word thst only us Aussies use. Safe travels ?


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