Truck Camping Budget for April, 2016

April 2016 Budget
Spent Budgeted
Food 106.01 120.00 13.99
Camping, Laundry 45.75 45.00 (0.75)
Entertainment 17.48 30.00 12.52
Gasoline 62.17 152.00 89.83
  savings…. 115.59

I have counted the $225 for the year’s pass to camping in New Mexico State Parks as $18.75/month. I am doing way less laundry than expected. Somehow wearing the same shirt for a week or two seems camping appropriate. Less driving, staying two weeks a one place saves serious money. Cheap gas prices help, too.

cactus flower

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4 Responses to Truck Camping Budget for April, 2016

  1. Pippa says:

    What a great idea yo really explore the area. I am very impressed with your ability to live very cheaply. What do you normally eat in a day?


  2. Janet Kayes says:

    Does that mean you will stay in one state for a whole year?


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