Three Rivers and Hints

I was surprised by the amount of petroglyphs in the Three Rivers area. They have counted over 20,000! Three Rivers Petroglyph Nearby is a great campground with water and pit toilets.

Three Rivers campground has access to well maintained trails. I hiked and saw lots of wonderful plants and flowers and bugs. I watched a lizard dig into the sand and pull out a wiggling insect. Then the lizard ate the bug.
Three Rivers Lizard
This blog is called “…Hints”, so here are some things I have learned.

    1. I do not need all of the water I am carrying. With the New Mexico State Park annual pass I am staying at campgrounds with water. Got to get rid of some.

2.The bug proofing is important. The blue cloth keeps out flies and bees. The clips on the bottom keep the curtain down in the wind.

Bug Curtain for Truck
3. The picture below is the primo spot in the bed of the truck, and is useless. I have to rearrange this spot. I don’t need the water. I would like all electronic cords and chargers here. (yes, I know that you aren’t supposed to have a propane tank indoors. The window above it is always open, and I cook with the tailgate down.)
Primo Spot Rearrange
4. I have to fix the kitchen. I bought 3 Sterlite boxes. I cannot not find one the same size.  The latest box slides off when I am traveling. Aggh!

Kitchen Hints
5. I have learned that I have to check all connections after traveling on rough roads. The propane connections. The truck cap.
6. I have learned that you can eat when the wind is at 30-40mph. It has no fresh food (everything rots/spoils too quickly in the heat). Veggies (V8), protein (Spam), fruit and a granola bar.
Food for Wind
7. Drinking in the desert is important. Once every three days I drink this in addition to lots of water.threeRiversDrinks
8. Hiding surprises is rewarding. I hid $400 last year, discovered it a few days ago and headed to a cheap hotel, bought new windshield wipers and groceries. I hadn’t had a shower in 18 days and I was covered in Deet and grunge. Phew.
Headed up to Villanueva State Park tomorrow, after mailing some things and picking up mail. Let me know what you want to see or hear about as I travel this year through New Mexico.

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10 Responses to Three Rivers and Hints

  1. I like the idea of the stackable drawers. I think it might be a great idea to help in our popup for or first year of camp hosting with kids.


    • masprema says:

      These work great. The drawers slide out easily, so when you are traveling it helps to secure them with bungee cords or whatever.


  2. Ming says:

    I love the travel photos and the hints, keep them coming! How do you find your camps? Is there a special map that you use?


  3. P. Genetti says:

    Except for not taking showers and being so alone this is a wonderful experience. Love the cacti photos. Is the blooming season over or does it last for awhile, you d


    • Mas Prema says:

      The not taking showers is not too bad. I do bathe in water heated up by the sun. Sometimes. Being alone is a joy for me, so that is a plus. Especially if I have not bathed in a while! The cacti are losing their flowers. I am traveling north, so that may account for less flowers. Aren’t they stunning!!??


  4. Jan Schoeberlein says:

    You keep mentioning eating Spam, which is notoriously bad, nutritionally speaking. There are 15 ounce cans of beans at Whole Foods which are very cheap , and are a good source of protein. I like their baked beans and their refried black beans. They come in an EPA free can, and EPA seems to be a concern in most old-fashioned cans. Also nuts and seeds are good sources of proteins. Since you have no refrigeration and not many fresh foods, you do need to be careful.
    Sounds like you really enjoy New Mexico. Best wishes, Jan


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes, I agree with your wisdom on Spam. I do beans also. Nuts and seeds are out of range with dentures. Every three or 4 weeks I go into a town and pig out on salad bars. I figure that it will all even out somehow! I am loving New Mexico. It is so different geophysically from where I have lived in the past that there is a sense of discovery at every turn.


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