Villanueva State Park

Water in the desert is so precious and wonderful. Villanueva State Park is on the banks of the Pecos River. Every weekend the river is full of laughing children and adults on huge rubber rings. Weekdays are full of very loud birdsongs.Villanueva State Park on the River Pecos Villanueva BridgeVillanueva State Park Shelter The camping site  was perfect. Shelter from wind and rain.Villanueva State Park ShelterAnd it was perfect for a major clean out (bugs, dirt, dust, disorganization).Every jar, can, book, and bottle was taken out of the truck and wiped down and reorganized. Phew. It was a major relief. I  bagged books to donate to the next thrift store, threw out 2 gallon water container that was filled with green slime, and squished strange bugs. It was incredibly therapeutic. Villanueva State Park Clean UpThen I got to sit in the shelter and read between walks (Villanueva State Park has some nice trails). Heavenly for this traveler!Villanueva State Park HappinessThis heaven lasted until the weekends when family reunions and church parties and high school graduation parties overwhelmed the quiet.Villanueva State Park Party

The families were great to me, and I was fed hot dogs, and burritos and soups each weekend. During each weekend there was a presentation by the State Parks. I passed on the star watch, but adored seeing the raptor presentation. Having a red tailed hawk and a great horned owl two feet from my eyes was more than thrilling. Then, come Monday, the campground was filled back up with birdsongs instead of generators.
I packed up  a very clean truck after 14 days and headed out. There was no cell phone service at Villanueva, so it is time to catch up and post to this blog.

I will not be posting a budget anymore. It works, and I am saving money. You can do it, too. Just count every penny, have a strict budget and keep to it.


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8 Responses to Villanueva State Park

  1. Fred says:

    Hi Mas: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and your invitation ‘into’ your process. What you share and write is inspiring and helps clarify what matters in life. Happiness and contentment is a byproduct of our choices.


  2. Amazing adventure. Way to go. Keep posting, it is so interesting.


  3. sherry m says:

    So great to see your adventures through your words and photos! Cleaning is really therapeutic sometimes – especially in such small spaces!! The masses are starting to arrive in Aspen also – Food and Wine this w/end. Happy Travels dear Pickett
    Sherry and MJ xoxo


  4. Jane says:

    Yes, time to clean up and clear out is really a blessing and some of us need one badly ! The small covered space with the table is just the ticket to make life in a vehicle more pleasant. Out of the wind and rain and sun when need be. May there be more shelters in the coming weeks, Pickett. Our crowds are not limited just to weekends this time of year. Stay well. Jane


    • Mas Prema says:

      Such a relief to clean out everything. The next state park doesn’t have shelters, but the one after does. I am well, covered with itchy bug bites but very healthy.


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