Morphy Lake State Park in a Truck Camper

Morphy Lake is one of the New Mexico State parks. I was there on a Wednesday. Lots of room, and a beautiful little lake and snow covered mountains in June. Site #17 was a pretty spot. There were 2 blue herons that would skim the lake early every morning, and chipmunks that loved my treats.
Morphy Lake SetupThere was no drinking water or showers, only pit toilets. But it was quiet and beautiful. The quiet lasted only until that afternoon. The park is very popular with day anglers. Then there was a combination of Fathers’ Day and a release of 80,000 fish. The park became wildly popular. Like Villanueva once the rigs were packed in, bumper to bumper, I was fed hot dogs and cinnamon buns. The noise level was so intense that I moved to another site.  #19  was somewhat isolated. Even that spot wasn’t enough isolation for me. I could hear Latino rock and roll at all hours. Lovers fighting, dogs barking, children screaming with joy and energy. The only trail was one that went around the lake, 3/4 of a mile. And it was always crowded with anglers.  I stayed only 10 days and then headed on.

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5 Responses to Morphy Lake State Park in a Truck Camper

  1. Jane says:

    What a beautiful spot ! Looks like Lake Tahoe and other places I’ve been. You got a fishing license for NM, didn’t you ? 80K fish just waiting for you ! The whole world has descended on Aspen for the 4th it seems. Where did you say you were headed next ?


    • Mas Prema says:

      I didn’t get the fishing license. It was $56, then there was the equipment (rod, reel, etc). The anglers seem to like sharing. I like getting fresh already-to-fry-up fish. I next went to a sweet park … next post! Hugs to you and Bill.


  2. Fred says:

    Thanks Mas. This is most helpful! We are now looking for a truck and camper or least saving for it in earnest. We are looking forward to wandering about North America and realize there is so much to see, learn and do.


  3. Fred says:

    What a beautiful picture and the glimpse it provides of your ‘home’ for ten days! I had no idea that the parks are so crowded and that the natural peace is often overtaken by those who bring their city ways to the park.

    I’m so curious as to how you go about selecting your next campground. What are best sources of information one needs to decide as to what is ‘next’?

    Best of luck


    • Mas Prema says:

      Hi, Fred! The New Mexico State Parks have a great amount of literature about each and every park, and since I have the year pass I just pick out the closest one. The parks are not crowded except for summer holidays. And during the week there are always spaces. It is a joy to hear and see all of the families out celebrating. When I have too many people interactions I go to the nearest BLM land or National Forest and camp by myself. The National Forest office near you have something they call MVU maps. Motor Vehicle Use maps. Those maps can clue you in to secret spots to camp. No facilities, but surrounded by nature. Also, talking to locals is another way to get a good read on the campgrounds that are nearby. I have been told not to go to places I was headed (“Oh, no. You don’t want to camp there. Its all ATVs and motorcycles” “You wont want to camp there, it is party city!”). And told that I had to camp at other places. So far its been all good!


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