Coyote Creek State Park

With the New Mexico State Park‘s Annual Pass I can stay in any State Park for 14 consecutive days. For free. I plan (kinda) on arriving at a state parks on a Tuesday or Wednesday, to get a great site. And I also plan arriving several days before or after a holiday. Coyote Creek State Park looked like the perfect place to hunker down over the 4th of July.

It was ideal. Showers with nice hot water, a shelter, drinking water twenty yards away, interesting hikes, and a sweet creek running throughout the park. I couldn’t see a neighbor  unless I tried.  The weather is ideal (45 at night, 80’s in the day). I had to hang the blanket in front of the shelter since it was facing due west, and the afternoon sun could be fierce.
Coyote Creek Shelter
Coyote Creek Set Up This was a great place to settle in. There was all kinds of wildlife (bugs, fish, birds and more birds, gophers, prairie dogs, and unknown noises) to investigate. There was a nice hike that had colombines and rose hips and bugs.Coyote Creek Trail There was one place in the park that I fell in love with. A beaver dam. And in the mornings and evenings there were warblers and hummingbirds and beavers with babies.Coyote Creek Dam

There was something to investigate every day. I fell in love with clouds and prairie dogs and strange bugs. The weekend of the fourth of July was full, but no fireworks, no hooting or hollering. I slept well every night. It was a magical place. (So magical that on my second day there I threw out all of my tobacco. Its been 14 days and I still don’t want to smoke. Magic.) The bug below loved the truck window. Every morning she was there.Coyote Creek BugCoyote Creek Bug  I met a woman who had been on the road for five years (and she turned me onto the best NM rock book). I met a man who had 33 mosquito bites on one leg. I saw a family  with 4 kids, 4 adults,  airline wheeled luggage, price tags still on their tents spend three hours setting up the 2 tents. They were laughing. So was I.

I hated to have to leave.  14 days were up. Now I am in Mora, New Mexico getting some groceries for the next camp out. No telling where the next stop will be. But I have gotten some good clues (“Don’t go there, its all ATVs and motorcycles. Ten miles further on the left is a great hikers campground.).

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8 Responses to Coyote Creek State Park

  1. Marlis says:

    Hi Pic, regular e-mail will not send anything to you, so maybe this works: am headed to Taos to celebrate with you. Should be there on Thursday..


  2. Marlis says:

    Hi Pic, just had a lovely salad with Jane in Woody Creek. Wondering if we can connect somewhere, as I am thinking of heading South. If you let me know via phone, text, e-mail or this blog where you are, I would like to see you -even in NM. Am heading back East probably next Sunday pm or Monday. XO -M.


  3. Jane says:

    Hi again, Pickett ! Marlis just stopped by Woody Creek and we shared a salad. She is wondering where you might be if there is a chance of finding you in the great outdoors. This is 7/18 if you get the message and have access to texting or her phone. She is camping near Reudi heading maybe to Ouray.


  4. David says:

    That longhorn friend of yours is a Japenese pine beetle. The bad guy. Destroys swaths of forests. I always had them on me and around when I was log crafting. Miss you so much.


  5. Jane says:

    14 consecutive days, but then can you return ? This looks like a winner with the showers and water. And beaver pond.


  6. Hilary Burgess says:

    Does anyone CHECK that you have been there 14 days? How long until you can come back again? Hope your bug survives without you! Cooling looking dude. What are your prospects for winter as I hear it can get quite cold down there at night at altitude.

    Totally wishing you all the best and following your every move. So jealous.



    • Mas Prema says:

      The Rangers talk to all of the campers almost every day … and are always checking the date that you are leaving. I can return after 6 days gone. There are so many neat NM State Parks that I may not return to Coyote Creek. But it was sweet. I put the bug in a safe spot before I pulled out. For winter I will head to a lower altitude. You too can do this! Swear.


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