Agua Piedra in Carson National Forest

Two full weeks in Agua Piedra Campground. At 8,529′ it was perfect weather for July in New Mexico. Cool at night and cool in the mornings. A nice campground, with oodles of walks and oodles of birds. I spent hours watching a pair of  ravens talking to each other, many pairs of flickers, and lots of unidentifiable flying things.Agua Piedra Campground
And oodles of chipmunks. Yes, I know I am not supposed to feed them.  I couldn’t resist a Cheerio to one who showed up every morning.
Agua Piedra Chipmunk
There was an inspiring camper, Sylvia (84 yeas old) who had been studying the flowers of the area since 1953. She was a wealth of information and put me to shame with her hiking abilities. There was also beautiful group camping area with an old cabin.Agua Piedra CabinAnd oodles of flowers.
Agua Piedra FlowersRight now I am in Taos, NM in a hotel celebrating 1 whole month of not smoking cigarettes. A friend from Asheville, Marlis, joined me and we explored and ate and laughed. In Taos we ate the best meal from a food truck that the two of us had in a very long time. Spelt and grains and kale and tomatoes and cilantro and so good we still haven’t stopped talking about it! Agua Piedra Food TruckThen we found our new favorite beer, Kirin. Agua Piedra BeerWe hiked around in the Carson National Forest, looking for interesting camping spots.Agua Piedra MarlisAgua Piedra Pickett

Then I panicked when I thought the gas tank had ruptured. There was gas spreading all underneath the truck. Aggh! Found it was actually a ruptured canister of gas on top of the truck leaking. Phew. The panic forced me to join AAA.

Now I am headed to a higher altitude for the rest of July and August.

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10 Responses to Agua Piedra in Carson National Forest

  1. Fred says:

    The pictures are so inviting! What a wonderful spot! It seems you are able isolate parks that can deliver very wonderful experiences. It is such fun to read your posts.

    So glad that the gas mishap didn’t lead to anything more sinister.

    Now I’m very curious as to where your travels have led.


  2. Janet Schoeberlein says:

    Good move to head to a higher altitude. 7400 feet here in Woody Creek is cool in evenings and a bit too warm on some afternoons.
    Global warming will push everybody higher.
    Maybe a New Mexico camping guidebook?


  3. Deborah Criss says:

    I LOVE that camp ground! so glad you are having fun, and also that you and Marlis got to hang some. Hey get this, the Carolina Cougars are back. Three people saw one here, and someone got a picture of one in a corn field near by!
    I hope your travels resonate for you to say hello to Katie, she could use a visit. She can’t travel much anymore.
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!!!!


    • Mas Prema says:

      I was going to visit Katie, but have gotten pulled, strongly, to Raton, NM. Don’t have any idea why, but am following the pull. E-mailed Katie and said that I would be back next spring. Hugs to you DebMa


  4. Jane says:

    Oh, wonderful !!! I’m so glad Marlis was able to find you and go hiking. I know it made her trip West perfect. We got a quick visit one evening too. Enjoy the high country the next month or two before it cools off. Still too hot in Woody Creek for me. Also for my spinach and arugula ! xo


    • Mas Prema says:

      Wish you were here with me … cold enough in the mornings that I am wearing a wool sweater and 2 blankets a night. You have an admirer in Marlis, for your garden, hospitality and kindness. Hugs to you and Bill.


  5. Marlis says:

    Such fun Pic…


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