Junebug, a National Forest Campground

I have no idea why I stopped at the campground called Junebug. It was tiny and crowded and noisy with dogs running loose and children screaming and the smell of charcoal lighter in the air.
Before I camped at the Junebug campground I found a sweet spot to stay for a few days near a stream.
Secret Spot campingSecret Spot ButterflyYes. It was a delicious as it looks. But how did the Junebug campground turn out so wonderful, when the first impression was so awful? It was the other campers. I first fell in love with this family:Junebug Three K's

He is an oil worker. She home schools the kids (because the history taught in schools is not right). They fed me steaks, the girls jumped into my arms and hung on like monkeys, they clued me in on great places to camp, and they invited me to their house for dinner in December. They helped change my mind on the compatibility of conservatives and liberals. Then there was Troy, who refuses to drink Starbucks coffee because the company is too liberal. Troy at Junebug Troy gave me a trout every day he caught one. Troy had coffee with me and we talked of everything except politics, religion or sex. He has a wonderful homemade shaving set up that caught my eye.Troy's Shaving set upHe also helped change my mind on the compatibility of conservatives and liberals. So did Cory, Stan and Darryl. I learned much at Junebug Campground.
Now for some hints:
I stuck up some towels on one side of the carapace (not for privacy, but for sun shade) and am now contemplating curtain construction. Curtains The little fold up table is great for positioning the solar panel.Solar table
In a few days I will be headed to Cimarron Canyon, a New Mexico State Campground. Maybe.

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15 Responses to Junebug, a National Forest Campground

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    I loved your latest post as well. If we take the time to communicate with people we meet – it’s
    amazing how much we can share even if we are on the opposite sides of political views.
    I’m always excited when people are so unjudgmental when you meet them and are generally
    positive and quick to laugh and tell stories. Jean Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love
    your photos as well!


    • Mas Prema says:

      I have loved being surprised by strangers-that-turn-into-friends. I always thought that I would get the most from this trip being alone. Ha.
      Thanks for reading the blog!


  2. Marlis says:

    Yummy camping spot by stream…and ooo nice blanket on your bed ☺️
    Great people stories, -spiritual practice is always available!


  3. cataspen says:

    Great stories!! Yes we can get along a lot more than we think because we are simply all human….Thanks


  4. Jane says:

    Yup, steering clear of conversations on religion and politics is just wise all around. And who talks about sex with campground neighbors anyway !? Keep your mind and heart open and who knows what Junebug will find it’s way in ? Enjoying hearing your stories. The stream campsite is ideal though.


  5. Pippa says:

    Yes it certainly pays to keep an open mind” Thanks for the reminder.


  6. PHYLLIs Genetti says:

    Another of your wonderful stories. I enjoy them so much


  7. PHYLLIs Genetti says:

    That is a wonderful story.


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