Truck Camper Hints for Easy Living

A truck camper kitchen

 Fry pans and accessories:

kitchen pans in their bagKitchen bag openedA cast iron pan, a light weight fry pan (which doubles as a cover for the cast iron pan), a spatula, a flame spreader. After 1 year this is the fry pan section of the kitchen.

The pots and plates:

Bag of kitchen pots for truck camping

Open bag of kitchen pots for truck camping

The pot, a plastic plate, a steel plate (also doubles as a cover for the pot), a silver plate just ‘cuz, the innards of a percolator to steam veggies, three steel bowls.

Three knives (and sharpening implements), two forks, 3 steel drinking vessels, a plastic coffee cup, an Aero Press to make the coffee,  three spoons and I am good to go truck camping!

Latest camping spot in Colorado:

Truck camping in Colorado

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12 Responses to Truck Camper Hints for Easy Living

  1. rmsealarke says:

    Great post! Basics that can but don’t have to be expanded upon. Very interested in the ‘flame spreader’ you mentioned and tried to find one. Came up with this which seems like a really good and useful item for my outdoor cooking stash. Great to see you still posting. Hope to see you out here again sometime soon. :)


    • Mas Prema says:

      That’s exactly the flame spreader I have. Cooking in the wind, as you know, is a challenge. I have to crank up the flame to keep it going. Then I burn food. This really helps. Hugs to Lily. And you.


  2. Pippa says:

    Why do you you cover your mirror? Over here we sometimes put something over ours when camping otherwise birds get obsessed as they think they are seeing another bird in it.


    • Mas Prema says:

      yes, I should cover the mirror because of the birds. They leave bird poop all over. I get excited the first few times it happens. Then not so much! The mirror cover is for extreme cold weather when scraping the frost off of the mirror every morning is tiresome. I was living in the Rocky Mountains where many people have these coverings. I snatched one up from the landfill for my kitchen pots container.


  3. Pippa says:

    As usual your blog is full of really helpful information. The camp spot also looks good. Hope everything is going well with you and please keep ip the great blog. Cheers from Australia.


  4. Fred says:

    In any event, it was reclaimed and now serves a great purpose! There is a lesson here. ‘

    Landfills in an ideal world wouldn’t be necessary.


  5. Fred says:

    Hello Mas: nice to hear from you once again! I have often wondered what is practical and durable in the kitchen when truck camping! Now I know. Where does one buy Frostbloc?

    Thanks for this important tip.

    It seems you have gone a great distance since your last post! Lovely spot.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Hi Fred! The “frostbloc” was a thing I found at the landfill. It was a bag that you put over your outside mirror on your vehicle. It ended up working great. Any cloth bag would do the trick!


      • Fred says:

        I wasn’t aware that folks covered their mirrors. Shows I don’t do much camping. That is about to change. Your posts are very persuasive. I think we will be very happy boon docking. Thanks again!


      • Mas Prema says:

        I found it in a landfill that was at ~8,600′. I think they cover up everything in the winter! Or maybe it didn’t work, that was why it was in the landfill.


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