Questions Asked Truck Campers

Where are you going?

Here and there:maps for camping

There are so many exciting places to see, so many interesting people, so much nature to smell and taste. So many challenges, so much. There is no telling where I am going. These are the maps I have, so probably there.

What will you do?


truck camping activities

Read and write and hike and eat and read more and more. Most time is spent going on hikes and reading and writing. And straightening up the truck and reading and writing some more.

Where do you go to the bathroom?

I have a Mason jar.


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10 Responses to Questions Asked Truck Campers

  1. Kremlin says:

    I am just starting out with my Fors Ranger (Raven) this summer. You’re inspirational. Catch ya on the road out West. Headed that way from NYC.


  2. Kim Pitman says:

    Ha I love the “Untethered Soul” & I’m trying to remember what we called the “Multiple Reflections” Book, I’m going to reread. Thanks for bringing it back into my mind, the perfect book.


  3. Jane says:

    I’m most interested in what you are writing and if we can ever read it !
    Peeing outside would be just fine.


  4. Marlis says:

    Wide mouth mason jar -no doubt!! 😄


    • Mas Prema says:

      Yes Marlis. Do you carry one with you for this use or always go outside? I used mine only when the weather outside is very cold/rainy/snowy in the middle of the night.


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