Thinking about Fishing while Truck Camping.

Costs for fishing: the gear and the license.

Minimalist gear: Some line, a stick, a weight, a hook and a float.  I  toss the stick when I move on and store the line and gear in a can.  I have an old mesh bag that I can rig as a net with the stick. Easy peasy and cost  of less than $2.

The license: 

As a resident of Colorado and of a certain age my fishing license would cost $1.

Cost for 1 year Oregon non resident : $97.50/yr. That does not include shell fish (+$26.00) or Steelhead/Salmon (+$25) or Columbia River Basin (+$9.75)  fishing. Once winter comes I won’t be there, so a year license is good for only a few months.

Cost for 1 year Idaho non resident: $98.25/yr. Not there in winter.

Cost for 1 year  Montana non resident:  $96/yr. Same winter problem.

Cost for 1 year Wyoming non resident: $92.00/yr. Same winter problem.

Cost for 1 year Washington non resident: Non-residents aged 16 to 69 pay : freshwater is $48 and saltwater: is $43.80. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $27.60 but a razor clam specific license is $15.60. Fishing and gathering shellfish combined costs $89.40 a year. However next year I will qualify as a senior citizen and will have reduced fees. Nope. Read the rules again. Found this applies only to Oregon residents.Freshwater will be $6, saltwater will be $6.60. A shellfish/seaweed gathering license is $9.60. I know where I will be next spring and summer and fall. If I wish to fish.

The cost of the licenses are geared to sport fishing, not someone who wants to eat.

How many fish could I eat to make it a good thing to fish? So far I am saving $20-$30/month on the $514/ month budget without fishing. If I do not move I can save over $100 a month. And anglers keep giving me fish if I stay put long enough!

House Creek Fisherboys

So who needs a fishing license or fishing gear?

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9 Responses to Thinking about Fishing while Truck Camping.

  1. gconthemove says:

    As avid anglers on the road for three years, we’ve only bought a license in the state we are visiting VERY rarely because of the license costs – for us the cost is x2 so we REALLY can’t catch enough to make it worthwhile (besides in Alaska). It has ben the only disappointment for us in our traveling lifestyle. We have discussed a national fishing license versus stat by state but really understand the ecomonic drivers for individual states NOT to participate in a federal type system.

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  2. Jane says:

    Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington . . . . I thought you were a southern bird heading for NM, AZ and Mexico ? More national parks up north you might like if you move around all the time.
    I agree with some minimal limit for fishing for food for low income families. 2 lbs a day would keep starvation at bay and not harm any fishery. Or one large striped bass or bluefish since they can get to 50 lbs.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I was going south, then realized that the full solar eclipse was going to happen very close up north. So I started looking at Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Montana and Washington. Lots of free camping in all of those states, lots of BLM land, lots of National Forests. So I figured to head up north.
      Do realize that this plan, like all plans, could change in a heartbeat.
      It would be so logical to have a national fishing license for low income people. Shame that it is so expensive.


  3. PHYLLIs Genetti says:

    It is an informative and interesting message. You always amaze me. In NC, after age 65, it used to be no costs. I should check that for any changes shouldn’t i? Although on the Outer Banks I know my friends on vacation have to purchase a temporary license. No matter the age so it has probably changed for trout fishing too. Sigh, which I no longer do. Catch one for me Mas


  4. Fred says:

    Well written post. Bitter ironies abound. Taxation ought not serve to discriminate. Angler rights and food needs ought not compete in a free society.


    • Mas Prema says:

      I don’t really need the food. Other people may. There should be a nationally reduced or non existent charge for below poverty income. I gasped when I saw that there is a fishing license for ocean fishing. I can understand limiting the commercial fishing for ocean fishing, but how much damage to the fish population can I do with one line?
      Nice to hear from you, Fred. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


      • Fred says:

        I think it is important to write a note to one’s congressman or senator. Local state governments are much more responsive. Letters are taken to mean that many others share the same convictions. It is not that difficult for most lawmakers to introduce a small amendment which would exempt those who need the food or mange below the poverty line.
        I have always found these fees to be excessive and demonstrate prejudice towards the average American and may rob them of an important pastime.


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