Where Do I Stay Truck Camping?

  • Boondocking:  Camping on federal property for free. No facilities, no water, few neighbors. BLM land or National Forest Service have the most area.  I can usually stay in one spot for two weeks.  Here are some examples:Painters Spring Boondocking

Boggy Draw Boondocking

Valley of Gods Boondocking

Sandy Wash Boondocking

  • National Forest Campgrounds: They sometimes have water and vault toilets. I stay away from the ones with hot showers and 50 amp service. Those are usually full of very excited children and party goers. Here is one of my favorite spots in southern Colorado:Burro Bridge Campsite

Below is another great spot in southern Utah: Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep Shelter

  • State Park Campgrounds: Below is the view from the back of Lilith in the Utah State Park called Goblin Valley . (They also have hot showers!):View from Lilith in Goblin State ParkNew Mexico campground  was perfect for two weeks:City of Rocks

There are too many perfect truck camping spots to post. The west is full of them! Maybe next I will head to Idaho. There are many National Forests and remote campgrounds there.

But I never really know where I am going until I get there.

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2 Responses to Where Do I Stay Truck Camping?

  1. Fred says:

    It seems you can never go wrong if you know the place that doesn’t have showers.


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