Colorado Camping

OMG y’all. These moose were all around me for the fourteen days in Deer Lake. This is a campground in the Gunnison National Forest. What? I am paying for camping? Yes. About 40 years ago I loaned a woman $2,500 for a down payment on a house. She paid it back last month. So, since my loan to her went for a house that $2,500 is now going to my luxurious camping. With well water. With bathrooms. I figure it will last about 2 years. What luxury, thanks to eartheyes!

I like this cool weather in the middle of summer.  At 10,519′. It started off with frost covering the trucks in the mornings. Then warm up to 75 in the day. I stood on the lip of the lake and let the mountain air blow dry my hair. Yummy. I hiked and hiked and read books.

Off to another secret hidden spot.–





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8 Responses to Colorado Camping

  1. Jean Rhinehart says:

    Pickett – strange but I’m also reading Braiding Sweetgrass and I dearly love it and am recommending to other folks. Jean Rhinehart


  2. Fred says:

    Life is good to you and your generosity of yesteryear blessing you. Wonderful! Such a beautiful setting in which to live life.


  3. Cindy Rogers says:

    YAY on all fronts! How awesome to have moose in your front yard! Wonderful to hear of your new adventures! Thanks :)


  4. Chuck says:

    Very nice! Good for you and all of that. Really, you are such an inspiration and your updates are throughly enjoyable. Thanks.


  5. elainemari says:

    Nice to hear from you. Great news on the $$..😎


  6. Hilary Burgess says:

    Excellent on the payback! What books are you reading?


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