Bristol Head Camping

Slowly, slowly I am making my way to New Mexico. Right now I am in a National Forest Campground called Bristol Head, just north of Creede, CO. There are several waterfalls, and this the first one that I found. Breathtaking. I never knew I was so nervous around heights.Bristol Head waterfall

There were cowboy/girls too. I found their lost heifer for them and was totally rewarded with beautiful working relationship between the riders, their horses and dog. The heifer had a problem with it’s feet. All well, now.

Bristol Head Cowgirl

I am not too sure about this campground stuff. It is a luxury I may get too used to. I love having a pit toilet. I love having potable water. I could do without generators and diesel fumes and big rigs. Below is my view, so its hard to beat!

Bristol Head morning

The weather is rain in the afternoon and evenings, days in the 70’s, nights in the 40’s. Sweet.


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11 Responses to Bristol Head Camping

  1. Phyllis Genetti says:

    What peace you must feel with such beauty plus adventures to boot. As always i really enjoy your post and photographs. I have to admit that campground facilities would be a must for all the reasons you list! However I envy your sense of experience and bravery. Keep these beautiful posts coming.


  2. david allen bouman says:

    I love Creede.. Happy camping.. Always missing you!


  3. Mar says:

    Gee, sounds like great fun… and so beautiful! You seem so happy!!


    • Mas Prema says:

      You are right. I am happy every morning when I wake up and happy when I curl up in Lilith in rain/hail or night. I cannot imagine anything better. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am or what the weather is. The basic key for this happiness level is TIME. i don’t have to be anywhere at any time/date. I can spend an hour sharpening the two knives, wander, hike, take the long way, walk dogs in a shelter, investigate petroglyphs, find a shower, wander towns, change my mind a hundred times, be present.



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  4. Chuck says:

    Excellent post…looks like a great place to hang out! Good for you. Thanks


  5. Hilary Burgess says:

    Not sure how long you are in the area – but have you been to the Wheeler Geologic Area there? Kind of heart stopping if your truck can make the trip. And well worth the effort. I love Creede!


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