Camping in Monsoon

There is a certain time of the year in  southern Colorado that is called monsoon. Rain. Rain in the morning. Clearing, then rain in the afternoon, then clearing. Then rain in the night. It makes everything lush and drippy and beautiful.Creede to Pagosa Springs

A hammock was the best addition to truck camping I made this year.  It is light, takes up little room and is so luxurious feeling. This is a big truck camper hint… buy a hammock. The new ones have a strap that sets up the hammock in seconds. If it gets wet, just wait for the sun. It takes only minutes to dry the hammock out. You will always be glad to have a hammock. hammock

Another activity to do while truck camping, while not reading in your hammock, is cleaning up old messes. You get to feel so good afterwards. I found this site on a hike and came back the next day to clean it up. And felt good.

Another truck camping hint has to do with eating. Without refrigeration the pickings are slim, but fun. My latest go to meal is sardines. Lime, Siracha and a touch of salt all on a Ritz cracker. It is yummy. sardines

I am camped next to the West Fork of the San Juan River. It is lush and exciting. There are mountains and huge trees and clear water streams. Heavenly.

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7 Responses to Camping in Monsoon

  1. PHYLLIs Genetti says:

    You are as always, an impressive adventurer


  2. elainemari says:

    I love my hammock too. And the sardines with lime and hot sauce sounds good. I like crackers with hot mustard or even Frenches mustard and canned oysters. And tuna on crackers is great, we can get already flavoured tuna (dill, lemon pepper, sweet chilli Thai, peanut saytay, tomato and onion etc.) in small 2 serving tins here in Canada.


  3. Fred says:

    I have such good memories of a hammock when I was younger. Your post persuades me to purchase one.


  4. Sharon says:

    I have followed your blog for a while now and thought I would Finally write to you. First of all, you are amazing! How you thrive on $535 of Social Security is a testament to sheer ingenuity. I, too, am retired and live on SS and have been just fine. Until recently, I had a teardrop style trailer and pulled it with my Jeep and full-timed for a couple of years. Right now I am living on the Oregon coast and enjoying it; however, my gypsy soul does not rest long and I am ready for a new adventure. I do not wish to tow anymore (hard on the joints!) so I sold the trailer and still have the Jeep. I may trade for a van or just camp out of the Jeep.
    In any event, I love reading what you are up to and hope our paths cross one day.
    Safe and happy journeys to you.

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