Chasing Sun and Shopping

Chasing sun with solar

This is stage 4 of chasing the sun around the tree limbs and leaves. In about ten minutes the sun appeared full strength and charged the Yeti up to full power very quickly.

Shopping, once a month, can be stressful . In the woods I do not move at 65 mph. There are no advertising signs in the aspens. There are no crowds of humans. So, some hints about making the town trip stress free.

Have a list that has been started with items you forgot on the last town trip. Arrange the list by stores. Drive from store to store with gas saving in mind.  Save the grocery store ’til last so eggs stay fresh. Discard all trash from packaging in the grocery store parking lot garbage can. Plan on a treat in town, either a nice salad or a visit to the town center. Treat yourself to a nice hot shower. Have a local beer.

When you get to your camping spot start the new list with the forgotten items at the top. I had fly swatter on the top of every  list for a year. Finally got one last week.

Shop carefully, don’t go off the list, and have fun in town!

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6 Responses to Chasing Sun and Shopping

  1. I’m a big list person too. I write things down as I think of them & woe to me if I forget to take my list with me since I promptly forget what I’ve written down precisely because I have written everything down! BTW Pickett, David & I have just bought a new home in Weaverville so if you ever travel through there again, come park your camper in our driveway overlooking those beautiful mountains!😃


    • Mas Prema says:

      Remembering the list is for sure an important step in the town trip.Good news about a new house in a swell town. I am not planning to go back east, but plans are silly so I thank you for the driveway invite!


  2. Fred says:

    I am just getting back into lists again. My mind is like a leaky bucket some days. You have given me instructions now to make the list work. I’m keeping this delightful blog.


  3. jane K A Dinsmoor says:

    Like most folks who were kissed with a bit of ADD, I have to have a list for all the big box stores like Walmart or I will draw a blank as soon as I see the 8 billion items stocked to the ceiling inside. Yes to the ongoing LIST. And the beer/treat ! Stay well. xo Jane


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