Cooking in Wind

I thought I was done with the hints for truck camping, but encountered gusty, swirling, strong winds in New Mexico.

The shelter had no wind block. Cooking in the wind was driving me crazy until I pulled out the runner rugs from the back of the truck.Truck camping in Fort Sumner State ParkCooking in windI know it looks ugly, but it is another hint …. a doormat and a bungee cord. It worked like a charm with 45 mph gusts. I first tried blocking the wind with  an umbrella, but it kept blowing off the table. I tried putting the stove on a table at one side of the truck. Great until the wind shifted, which it did multiple times. This rug solution works consistantly. When the wind is extreme I can envelope the stove and make coffee, soup and fried veggies.  Sweet!

I may have more hints as I discover more solutions to common problems. I did think I was done ….

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20 Responses to Cooking in Wind

  1. Joseph P Schlaerth says:

    That wind block is a nifty safe idea. I missed your posts for a while. Please keep sharing hints.


  2. jane K A Dinsmoor says:

    I wonder if a huge bungee cord around DC could fix the hot air/wind problem there ? Naw, that would just be a chimney for the burning pile. Always good to hear your voice in the wilderness, P ! Looks like a heavenly spot by the water. Love from Woody Creek.


  3. Hilary Burgess says:

    What a great fix. I can’t believe the winds are so strong though. 45 mph! The site you’re at looks beautiful beside the lake. It looks like you’re out there all alone – or is it just the camera shot? SO glad to hear from you.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Alone. I cannot believe it, but I have been alone the last three campgrounds. Wonderful. Had a group of ten mule deer that would hang out with me for an hour in the morning and at dusk. Tarantulas scurrying along the ground. Birds so loud that I wake up MUCH earlier than I would. Wonderful retirement!


  4. Phyllis Genetti says:

    You are as always, clever and innovative. Love your pictures. Not a camper, such as you, however your adventures are worth reading


  5. Cindy Rogers says:

    Yay, you’re back! Thanks for the tip! Looks beautiful in New Mexico, that fall wind…


  6. David V says:

    I’m sure that Rube Goldberg would be proud of you. Personally I expected nothing less from a first-class mind. I missed your travel log and hints. thecontinue


  7. Jeff says:

    Wow, that’s ingenuity ! Great to hear from you again !😀


  8. Fred says:

    So good to hear from you again! I appreciate this hint. Addresses a problem I have when I camp in the Canadian Rockies.
    I doubt your wellspring of ‘hints’ will ever dry up.
    Glad you are well.


    • Mas Prema says:

      Thanks Fred. Glad to hear from you. In Walmart they are called doormats. I used them on the floor, went to shake them out one windy morning and Eureka! They take up very little room and now are not a “single use” item. Phew.


  9. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the tip. I always enjoy your photos too. Glad you are doing well, Chuck


  10. Pippa says:

    Great idea. i use tin around the stove to about the same height as you and it works a charm. Nice to hear from you again.


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