Cooking While Truck Camping

There are certain problems cooking when living in a truck. Wind, rain, cold, heat and space. And trying to keep eggs and vegetables fresh with no refrigeration (would rather have books than a cooler).

I have a plastic bag of oatmeal mix (Scottish oats from Bob’s Red Mill with toasted coconut, pecans and cranberries) that is my go-to breakfast. If its not raining. If the wind is below 30 mph.

My favorite, when I have eggs,  is this process: I fry the eggs (in my favorite frying pan) on top of 1/2 box of soaked potatoes, then cover them.

eggs cooking while truck camping

The key to all of this is steel plates and bowls.  They wash easily, don’t break and are inexpensive. Compact Stainless Steel Dish Set for Home and Outdoor Use, with Small Plate, Bowl, and Cup 

Dinner is usually a soup made from dried veggies (Harmony House Foods Soup Mix, Dried Vegetable, 12 Ounce Quart Size Jar) with dried mushrooms and a part of a pack of onion soup mix or hot and sour soup mix.

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5 Responses to Cooking While Truck Camping

  1. Kodey says:

    HI there Cold and wet ??? Truck camping you have a cap on your truck Mr Buddy or the Wave 3 propane heater Propane cook stove with small propane tanks { 1-2.5-5 # containers } AND get a cooler with ice if you can’t afford 12V batteries and solar No problem eat good cook delicious meals stay warm and dry at same time no problem……….. has all the info you need.. You don’t like to be in rain drive off for a days ride and get some sun I’m saving for a van [ more room ] then I’m a free nomad..


    • Mas Prema says:

      I agree about the van … I don’t mind cold to sleep. I have 2 sleeping bags and stay warm in bed. Cooking inside the truck … am not crazy about that. I get too nervous about propane in a closed place. I do have solar, and use that to power up phone and camera and ipod nano. I don’t have a cooler because I would rather have books. Thanks about the site. Have looked at Bob’s site for the last few years and enjoy his hints!
      Thanks, Kodey, for reading and commenting.


  2. Fred says:

    Great suggestions. You can and do live well on the road. Thank you for this post. The pictures are worth more than a thousand words.


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