Fears While Truck Camping

My biggest fear is  having the battery go out when I am in the middle of the woods. So I have a Trickle Charger that seems to keep the battery happy. I put it on the dashboard and plug into lighter receptacle and leave it until I have to move. But, like a person with  belt and suspenders, I have a hand held item, the  JumPack XL – Jump Starter/Power Pack that can start engines. This has saved several people who’s batteries died. I bought mine 4 years ago and it is still working fine. I charge the phone, the iPad, and the computer with it. I charge the JumPack with the solar set up.

I also carry jumper cables. I know. Over kill. But whatever it takes to make you feel safe on the road, DO IT!

The tool that I use the most often is an Allen wrench. Important Allen wrenchThe topper has a tendency to loosen, slide around/off and leak. Not fun, so I tighten and tighten after every bumpy road or any day when I have run out of chores. Hint: On your build make sure you have access to the areas that need periodic tightening. I didn’t and was sorry.

NM Caballo CampingAnother perfect spot in the New Mexico State Park System. I was camped on the banks of the Rio Grande, which was a trickle when I arrived. 2 days later they opened up the dam for spring irrigation  at 2100 cfs .  The river filled and then birds came and the fish and the anglers. It was a great spring view.



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  1. The charger is a good idea. We will be somewhere with no electric. Id love to see you do a blog about your solar set up, unless you have one and I haven’t found it yet.
    That last paragraph sure sounds beautiful. Wish you had some pictures to add to this one.

  2. Fred says:

    Hello Mas:

    Each time I read your blog I learn something. I have never heard of a handheld charger. I think I will buy one. I like it.

    • Mas Prema says:

      It is a gem! I paid less 4 years ago, but for ease of mind it is worth the current price.

      On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 3:39 PM Truck Camper Hints wrote:


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